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Snoozebox Presentation

No description

Nan Wongwan

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Snoozebox Presentation

Reasons for Joining AIM Balanced approach to regulation which allows companies to focus on growing their business
Network of advisers
International Investor Base
Finance for growth and further development
Create market for the company's share
Create heightened public profile
Enhance the company’s status with customers and suppliers
Capitalising on the company’s first mover advantage through accelerated growth Snoozebox Management Capabilities & financial Analysis Shareholders David John Morrison (Chairman)
Robert Roddick Ackrill Breare (Chief Executive)
Christopher George Upton (Finance Director)
Richard Davies (non executive Director)
Stephen East (non executive Director)
Hugh Scrimgeour (non executive Director) Board Business-to-Business (B2B)
Suited for peak time, special events
On-site Product Branding and placements
Fixed price offered or revenue percentage provided
Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
Snoozebox operates, provides premium
Booking through: Agencies, Event, Snoozebox Customer Analysis Competition from competitors: Domestic and International Level i.e. Travelodge, Treehotel, Bunkabin, Lodg-et
Changes in event business: increasing permanent accommodation
Cost of logistics Threats Snoozebox Accommodation
Self-Sustained: no external infrastructure require
48 hours and up to 3-4 days for fully accommodation and services
Supporting structure for temporary events
Strong Brand recognition
High exposure to potential customers Organizational Capabilities Ansoff’s Growth Matrix
SWOT Analysis
Customer Analysis
Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis Introduction & Business Concepts
Analysis of the Company and External Factors
Financial Performance & Analysis
Future Expansion plan Content Expansion through Asia And Middle East
Permanent Set-up at Tourist locations
Construction accommodation Future Direction Volume 01/05/2012-19/02/2013 Share Price 01/05/2012- 19/02/2013 Expansion opportunities beyond Europe and USA market
Franchisee model
Increase in capital – potential increase in room capacities Opportunities Risks Weakness Pricing structures
Time Guarantee: Potential delays
Logistics and planning challenged: Availability and Consistency
AIM Risks Most revenue stream were generated inside the UK
Only 2 Choices of products/ Services: Comfort and Family Room
Pricing and its competitiveness
Need long-term planning for Snoozebox Availability
Highly reliance on third-parties: outsourced Weakness & Risks Products: Fully Services of Entertainment & Accommodation
Fix price/ room
Guarantee Percentage
Place: Anywhere in the world
Websites & Event Based
Co-Advertising 4Ps Porter’s 5 Forces ANSOFF’s Matrix Snoozebox Snoozerzzzz......zz.. Konstantina Kaldi
Nantawan Wongwan
Sambhav Bhandari
Saurav Tibrewal Portable Hotel made from shipping containers
Originated from Mr. Robert Breare: Ex- Chairman of Ted Baker, Ex-Director of Arcandian International and etc.
2010: Idea came to him when he had to use the public restroom at a campsite and wanted a safe place to sleep
2011: 10 Snoozebox prototype made
May 2012: enters the AIM Market for further investment
Exposure via F1 Supremo, The Royal Jubilee and London Olympics
Gross Profit Margin= 10.55%

Sales Revenue to Capital Employed= 0.16 times

Current Ratio= 0.614  Ratio Analysis Stakeholder Analysis Competitive Rivalry within the Industry Substitute Products Threat of New Entrants Bargaining Power of Supplier Bargaining Power of Customers Protable Cabins
Camps Elements Europe Hotels
Corporates Travelodge
Lodge-t Snoozebox
Stakeholders Employees Suppliers Investors Governement Shareholders Competition Timeline 1/3/11 1/05/11 30/6/11 15/01/12 15/11/12 Snooze box Incorporated Started Trading Entered AIM New Non Executive Members Join the Board Placed a total of 30,000,000 ordinary shares at a Placing Price of 40p per share raising £12 million (gross) for the Company.
The number of ordinary shares in issue on Admission is 51,295,000
Will use the net proceeds of the Placing to provide investment and working capital to fund growth Placed 15,272,727 new ordinary shares at 55 pence per share Raised £8.4 million Stephen John East
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