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What is printmaking and why do we do it?

Michele Gorham

on 30 May 2012

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Transcript of Printmaking

What is printmaking?
Printmaking is the process of making multiples of an artwork.
How can you do that?
Printmaking began several hundred years ago in China. Artist was used wood and carved stamps out of them. These were known as woodblock prints.
They are several ways to make copies or multiples of an artwork.
Today we can use
copy machines
But before there were copy machines
There was the printing press
Invented by Johannes Gutenburg in 1450
They used movable type and
had to rearrange letters which created
words which created paragraphs which created books!
Before the printing press all books were
written by hand. This was time consuming and
expensive so only the rich could afford the luxury of a book!
But you don't need a fancy
machine to do printmaking,
we are going to use stamps. Well you are going to design and make your own stamp!
Then the Japanese began creating
prints called Ukiyo-e- or pictures of
floating world.
About 400 years later, Europe began
using printmaking on textiles (or cloth).
They could create patterns and designs on
stamping designs on the fabric with permanent
By the 1800's everyone was using printmaking.
It began to turn into an art form instead of just a way to communicate.
Can you think of something that can
be created with printmaking? Something that
has multiple copies?
Johannes Gutenburg, a German inventor, invents the printing press in 1450.
Before Facebook, cell phones, The Internet,
the telephone and the radio people
had to communicate by directly speaking
with each other or through writing.
Sometimes people had to repeat the same
thing over and over again. That was a lot of work.
So printmaking was invented to save some time.
Our Project
-Create a stamp using the first initial of your
first name
-Initial should be a unique font (type of lettering)
-Include a background design
-50%design and letter, 50% white paper)
-Easy to read-bold design
-Letters and designs must be thick lines not just
a pencil line thick.
Some letters may need to be reversed
Hokusai "Great Wave"
Red Chair- Binders-Make sure sheets are in!
Blue Chair-Pencils and Erasers
Green Chair- Papers
Purple chair-Anything else on the table? Take
care of it!

Carving Rules
1- Carve away from body and hands.
2-Bench hook will hold the stamp, not your hand
3- small gouges for small spaces and details
4-Large gouges for large spaces
5-Start with big spaces first (to get used to it)
6- Carve half way down your stamp-not too deep
7-Check your progress with a crayon rubbing.

What is printmaking?
How do you do it?
What are prints?
Prints are multiple copies of an artwork.
These are done with stamps or woodblock prints. They are often numbered, or editioned. The lower the number of editions (prints) the more rare and sometimes valuable a print is!

How to make prints
1- Prepare all paper- Name, Class
2- Think about color choices. Paper vs. ink.
Is the print visible with the colors I am choosing?
3- Check stamp-do a crayon rubbing
4- Ink stamp using a brayer( roller) . Not too much ink!
5-Center stamp on paper. Rub stamp to transfer ink(do not move paper!)
6-Carefully peel away paper. Ta DA! PRINT!
7-Put the print on large paper to dry.
8- If changing color ink you will need to wash and dry your stamp.
9-Repeat steps 4-8 until all sheets are done.
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