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Bianca Gatto

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of Kzyhera

The Heart
Kyzhera Weaver
The heart is located in your chest.
Your heart helps your body get oxygen and nutrients.

Fun facts
Ways to keep your heart heathy
1. exercise
2.warm up.
3. drink water
4. run
There are 4 chambers in the heart and they are called:
left atrium,
left ventricle,
right atrium,
right ventricle.
The source of the sound of your heartbeat is valves shutting.
The right side of your heart is responsible for receiving blood from your body and pumps it into your lungs.
The left side of your heart is responsible for receiving blood from the lungs.
More fun facts
1. Blood is cleaned by the kidney.
2.The heart is an involuntary
muscle. That means it beats by itself.
3.It takes 20 seconds to pumps blood to every cell in your body.
4.An adult heart pumps 7,500
liters blood daily.
5. It is the size of your fist.
Diagram of the heart:
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