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Legend Timeline and Facts...? :D

A timeline of events for the book, Legend by Marie Lu WARNING-CONTAINS A LOT OF SPOILERS!!!!!

Angellia Seguin

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Legend Timeline and Facts...? :D

Legend Timeline Information and a timeline of events for the book, Legend, written by Marie Lu. 1... Day, the Republic’s most wanted criminal, and Tess wait for Day’s family to be checked by the plague patrol but they find out the inspection didn’t go very well …
Dun dun dun... 2... Meanwhile, June’s brother, Metias, leaves for a short mission. 3... Day breaks into a hospital motivated to steal plague cures for his family but found that the hospital ran out. 4... June is informed that Metias is murdered by possibly and probably Day. June starts her mission of going undercover as a “street rat” to find Day but accidentally stumble into a Skiz fight.
Day and June meet after Day helps her escape the angry people from the fight after she won a match. However, they don’t give their names to each other. 6... 5... 7... Day and Tess continue their life on the streets with the new addition of June, oblivious that she’s working with the government. June still doesn’t know that he’s Day. 8... A few nights later, Day secretly meets with his brother John. John tells him that their younger brother, Eden, has caught the plague. 9... June finds out that the boy is Day as she followed him to his family's house so she calls her friends from the government to capture him. 10... Day hurries to his family’s house again in the morning before the government can come. He shocks his mother as it is the first time they’ve seen each other in about five years. 11... Day attempts to hide his family but they are caught. His mother is shot to death, Eden is taken to an ambulance because of his illness, and Day and John are thrown into prison making June feel guilty. 12... June, now knowing that he is Day, interrogates him in his jail cell before she finds out later that day that Day did not fail his Trial (a test that all ten year olds take. Supposedly, Day failed his Trial with a score under 700 and was sent to a labor camp), but instead got a perfect 1500 making him the only kid who got a perfect score besides June herself. 13... Day is sentenced for execution. 14... June investigates more deeply into her brother’s death. She finds that the Republic has been purposely spreading these infections and plagues to the poor sectors of California. 15... Later, she also finds that it was in fact not Day who murdered her brother, but Thomas, a friend of hers and Metias. With this new fact, she is determined to help Day and his brother, John escape before Day’s execution. 16... John sacrifices himself to the firing squad to help June take Day to safety. John dies… 17... June and Day is now safe but is currently making a plan…

The protagonists are Day and June and the antagonists were the people working for and in the government. Day is a protagonist because even though he commits crimes, (like stealing, destruction, arson but never murder) it is to help the poor families and for his own family, never for himself. June is a protagonist because even though she eventually works for the government, she doesn't know about the cruel acts that the Republic (the government...) does and later she joins Day and Tess to help. The antagonist is the Republic because their people are cruel and unfair to the citizens. They also put the plague infections into the poor sectors pipes. This story is set in the ruins of Los Angeles in a time where the United States of America is divided into two nations, the Republic (towards the west) and the Colonies (towards the east), who are in war with each other. There are poor sectors and there are the richer sectors in the Republic. Several plagues are higher in the poor sectors (it is revealed later that the Republic purposely infected their pipes with plague infections). Setting/Time Period: I think the theme is convention and rebellion because Day is the most wanted criminal in the Republic because he commits crimes that rebel against the Republic (destruction of military property, arson on government buildings, etc.). June also eventually rebels against the Republic too when she helps Day and John escape. Theme: Book Title:Legend
Author:Marie Lu
Genre:Dystopian, Young Adult, Adventure
Publisher:G.P Putnam's Sons I chose this book because I was reading it while you were checking for book titles...? I also chose this because the first line "My mother thinks I'm dead." drew me in really, really well. Why I chose this book: Main Character(s): The main characters are Day and June because the story is told from both their perspectives, their life stories (or at least most of it) are revealed by them, and the book mostly revolves around them. Protagonist and Antagonist: Pros and Cons: What I liked -loved- about Legend was the plot itself. The story was completely original, clever, and it was absolutely nothing like other books and stories I've read before. I also loved the book's characters. Even though Day is the Republic's most wanted, you can really relate as to why he would do what he did. There were characters that I was introduced to that didn't last long as they got killed but their death still made me cry. I don't think any character in this book had a minor role, all of them were and are very important... Now what I didn't like was... um let me think... I seriously, personally don't have any cons or dislikes about this book, sorry haha. I think it truly is my favorite book. :) What I learned: What I learned is that in maybe 120 years from now, the United States of America is going to be split in two and they'll be in war with each other. Oh and that our money will be called Notes, there won't be a president, but an elector, and our pledge of allegiance could change too...or not... Recommendation: I would very much recommend this to people who read and likes dystopian novels. Ex: The Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, Matched, etc.
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