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Untitled Prezi

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Kashyap Kartha

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Yet another White Pine book has reached the eyes of Kashyap Kartha; it left me disappointed and bored. This book revolves around a boy named Danny who has lost his way ever since his father mysteriously departed from their household. He cannot tolerate Earth anymore and the only thing he wants to do is escape, fly away, light years away. But there is more than meets the eye to this troubled young teen; he holds many secrets but he has never shared his biggest one of all – until now – he was abducted by aliens. He disappeared for three days and was oddly found in the middle of the desert close to his home; he said that the aliens abducted him – no one believed him. He had lost all hope until he met a group of people just like him: crazy stories, alien abduction, but one person stuck out the most to Danny, a kid named Hooper, the reason… he is an alien that needs to get home. From that point on, Danny realized this is his chance to get away from Earth, from everything; this would solve his problems. Will he fulfill his wish? Will Hooper travel back to his home planet? Answers lie in The First Day on Earth. You may be confused of the formation of a star chart, well let me explain. Many novels have a focal turning point or focal event, for TFDOE, the scene where Mal receives the star chart from Hooper truly brings another interesting aspect to the plot. At this point, Mal knows that Hooper is an alien and when Mal receives the star chart, he is amazed, he cannot believe what he is seeing.
“He opens his silver bag and unfolds s star chart. The chart is alive with lights that blink and twinkle. There are things that rotate, and points that move slowly, almost imperceptibly, in the form of rocket ships.
He points to the stars on the ceiling and then to their corresponding spots on the star chart.
Pg. 91
Before this point, Danny did not believe that Hooper was an extra-terrestrial; it seemed too good to be true, but this star chart proved everything, he finally realized that he was not crazy – aliens actually exist. Later on in the novel, Danny would have many more looks at the star chart – it gave him hope that he could actually escape from his life, start fresh – it gave him hope.
How long do you think a chapter should last? Ten pages, fifteen pages? Well, this author does not care how long his chapters are and breaks the common format of literature, Castelucci has one sentence chapters or two page chapters but that does not matter – the author breaks the rules consciously. Some have interesting concepts but other are plain pointless.

Chapter 4

“The lights in the sky don’t lie.
The lights in the sky don’t lie.

The writing level does not even come close to many other authors but she still makes an effort to be different, to stand out amongst the millions of writers.

Chapter 26

“I want to be taken away from here” You may think White Pine books are chosen because they are the best in their respective fields, but I do not think that is the case. I come in with the mentality that these books have to be amazing; they are in the White Pine, right? However, White Pine books are chosen based on the interests of young adults; this explains a vast amount of White Pine books. Select White Pine books do show great writing and potential but they rarely come up – that is a great disappointment. This acts as a warning for future White Pine readers – do not expect much. Overall, a humdrum of a book with the occasional exciting parts; it failed to capture my attention from the beginning and had me lagging behind since. However, I did finish it but not because I wanted to – because I have to read some White Pine books. You choose your own fate; I will leave you with this decision, to read or not to read, that is the question. KA$H
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