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Bollywood Instrumentation

A presentation about all the intruments that are used to creat the music for Bollywood

Randell Hellwig

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Bollywood Instrumentation

Bollywood Instrumentation! Where did its music originate from? It was used in India for Cinema
Performances and film making. Bollywoods music is known as the Classical,
Folk music What are some kinds of Instruments are used? Rabab Violen Saxophone Clarinet Guitar Mandolin Information about the Instruments Indian instruments are put into 4 categories: The string instruments
- Tantra vadya The wind instruments
- Sushira vadya Ghana Vadya Percussion instruments
- avanaddha vadya The string instruments produce sounds
like plucking, slapping, or strummed unbroken stream of air being
transfered through them ex. Flute, Clarinet Indian Instruments that produce sounds
when the strings are struck with strickers made of
metal or wood. Randell Hellwig The traditional India music intruments
are hardly used in modern day time.
New types of instruments have been introduced
to Bollywood, such as the guitar & violen. The term Bollywood comes form
Hindi-language film industry set in Bombay, India. bhopung Blowpipe Sitar Veena Sarod Tabla harmonium Indian music has two main aspects:
Rag - which means the area of melody
Tal - which deals with rhythm In 1899, Lumier Brothers introduced
soundless movie clips to india, which soon
influenced the industry in 1920 to produce a
movie clip with sound. 1931 the firts sound clip was created and inspired directors in south india to start producing films for Bollywood.
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