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PEST analysis- brazil

No description

Anna Roed Hobolt

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of PEST analysis- brazil

PEST analysis- Brazil
political, economic, social, technological
No political instability, yet things can change very quickly
Corruption is a big issue, even opening small businesses may require payments to the goverment
Potential growth is high thanks to large population and FDI inflow
Gap between rich and poor is declining steadily
The currency is considered to be overvalued
Both domestic and foreign enterprises are treated equally and labor costs are considerably low.
There is still a lot of inequality in Brazil, 20% lives under poverty.
Differences in class distribution, there is a considerable amount of wealthy citizens and the huge segment of people with minimal income
Middle class is still growing
Social Factors
comparing to a lot of other countries with quite the same ecomomy Brazil possesses weaker technological infrastructure, as well as investment. However this sector is being improved
Technological Factors
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