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Robin Figley

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Franchise?

Started in:
Royalty Fees:
-According to IGH they set an ongoing Royalty Fee at 5-6%
Franchising Fee:
$50,000 - $75,000
Start-Up Expenses
Box Springs----100---------------- $7,500
Head Boards---100-----------------$2,100
Bedding---------100---------------- $3,000
Pillows----------500---------------- $4,000
Chairs-----------150--------------- $10,500
Couches---------50---------------- $12,500
Desks-----------115----------------- $8,625
Ice Machine------5------------------$3,250
Total: $98,775

Capital Required:
-Started in the early 1990's.

-In 1991 The Holiday Inn Express brand was launched in the U.S.
Financial Assistance:
Start up expenses will be financed through the Small Business Association Development Loan. For those expenses such as working capital and other non-building or non-equipment purchases, will use personal funds and funds that are obtained privately.
Training Provided:
Who are the Competitors?
Key competitors of The Holiday Inn Express:
Comfort Inn
Hampton Inn
Hotel Express
Fairfield Inn
La Quinta

Managerial Assistance:
Site Location Assistance:
The Location Assistance for starting a franchise with IHG does not have strict guide lines on specific places where you can or cannot start your franchise. There are plenty of suggestions for where you should or why you shouldn't start a business in a certain area.
Assistance in planning and construction of a building
InterContinental Hotels Group supports franchises every step of the way. From the planning to the grand opening the IHG OnBoard Program will assist hotel owners ever step of the way.
Marketing assistance:
Holiday Inn Express is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group that has over 4,600 hotels across 100 countries. They are the overhead management that watches over all the brands, including Holiday Inn Express. They assist in marketing by online advertising, helping anyone locate a hotel anywhere they need to go.
Number of Franchises:
-2,222 Hotels
-208,935 Rooms
-473 Hotels in the pipeline
(as of June 30, 2013)
“When we talk to our franchisees, we can say that we have cutting-edge training, and that’s huge because they want to put their money where the biggest return is and training is always a key factor.”
Hannah Kahn, Former Brand Manager at Holiday Inn Express.

Estimated Initial Investment:
Maximum: $10,438,935.00
Minimum: $7,025,020.00
Average: $8,731,975.00

-Holiday Inn Express originated from Holiday Inn which began in 1941. It began as a budget-conscious chain and has become one of the most respected hotel chains on the planet.

-Holiday Inn Express was founded in 1991 to give customers a more affordable alternative to Holiday Inn.
-One of the fastest growing hotel brands, Holiday Inn Express offers convenience and comfort at a great value.
Capital Requirement
Three Management Committees:

1) Executive Committee
2) Disclosure Committee
3) General Purposes Committee
Nature of the Business:
A Hotel for Every Occasion

Whether it’s an overnight getaway, a business trip, a family celebration or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, our 4,600 properties in nearly 100 countries means we have the perfect hotel for every need.
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