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Logical Fallacies

Ap English Language

Joanne Hernandez

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies

Group #6 Equivocation:
arguments in which one word has two completely different meanings Example:
All banks are beside rivers.

Hot dogs are better than nothing. Nothing is better than steak. Therefore, hot dogs are better than steak Begging the question: Trying to answer questions posed to an argument with the
beggining of the same argument Bill: "God must exist."
Jill: "How do you know."
Bill: "Because the Bible says so."
Jill: "Why should I believe the Bible?"
Bill: "Because the Bible was written by God."
Jill: "If such actions were not illegal, then they would not be prohibited by the law."
Bill: "The belief in God is universal. After all, everyone believes in God." Faulty analogy:
analogy so weak that it is left open to many opinions, not only the one intended for it How is a raven like a writing desk?
The point of the riddle was that they're not; alike, that is. However, to Carroll's surprise, some of his readers came up with clever solutions to the supposedly unsolvable riddle, for instance:
Because Poe wrote on both Examples He doesn't need it! He has two hands doesn't he!! This gets me dizzy :/ Fat
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