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01.10 Lab Questions

Parenting Skills V12 - Mrs. Amy Harrington

Tyler Brown

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of 01.10 Lab Questions

01.10 Lab Questions
Tyler Brown

1.What makes a good parent according to Dr. Tanya Byron?
According to Dr. Tanya Bryon, a good parent is a person that doesn't worry too much about being the perfect parent. The best kind of parenting comes from the heart according to Dr. Bryon. It shouldn't be done mechanically because that's when the problems start.
2.What are some of the common problems that children might have?
Some of the common problems that children might have varies among age group. For example younger children , some common problems are sleeping, toileting , and the big one which is eating.
3.Why is play important in the parent-child relationship?
Play is vital in the parent-child relationship because it builds a bond between the parent and the child. Children feel loved when parents play with them because they are given positive attention . It helps build trust and a sense of security . It also aids in social skills and communication.
4.Do you think you will be a good parent? Why or why not?

I honestly don't know if I will or will not be a good parent because it's a day to day process. For example sometimes when a kid doesn't get his way , he or she might think their parents are bad ones , but in reality they are doing it for their own good. To me parenting is one of those things where you have to take it step by step because a parent grows up with the child because they are both learning from mistakes and improving.

Step 1
1.Why did the men say that they were ready for children?
What I understood from the article was that the men were ready for children because they allowed time for themselves and for their partners. Basically they enjoyed their lives as couples and they weren't in a hurry to have children. I think this helps greatly because when young men or even teenagers become parents they have to sacrifice many stuff like hanging out with friends, going to parties. And they are still kids so this brings lots of responsibility to both the girl and the boy . Also being older gives you more time to think things out and to become more financially stable and emotional in order to really be ready for children.
2.What did the men have to learn as new fathers?
The men had to learn to get involve in their children's lives. Basically they had to learn how bath a baby , change diapers , and carry their babies. Its not just the mom's responsibility it both of their responsibility. Also they have to communicate with their partners , especially the first week of the baby's arrival . It very vital because it could break a relationship. Sleep deprivation is a big torture and it can get both the parents frustrated and cranky .This is where communication is very vital in the relationship.
3.Do you think the fathers enjoy fatherhood more today than in the past? Why or why not?

It depends greatly in my opinion because men can become parents at a very early age and its tougher for them to enjoy fatherhood . They are still kids who aren't emotionally and financially stable enough to raise another kid. I think that older people enjoy fatherhood more because having a child is a huge emotional leap and the men have had time of their own to be "selfish" and focus on their careers or on things they enjoy. They already experience the sense of achievement unlike the younger generation of fathers that find themselves confuse and raising a child while they themselves are still kids.
4.What are some of the difficulties that new fathers (and mothers) face?
Sleep deprivation is a big one . It can take a great toll on both the new parents. It could possibly break a relationship if there isn't communication among the couple. Also learning how to be a father and a mother is a huge thing in itself , because they are learning what to do and what not to do. A person can prepare as much as they want to , but every baby is different and can bring a whole set of different challenges. Overall being involve in the child's life is very vital for both the mom and dad. Being a father is one of the most awarding thing that can happen to a person and its worth the time and lack of sleep.

The End
Step 2
Step 3
1.What are some of the benefits of being “childish”?
Some of the benefits of being childish are that being childish can bring great ideas, because kids don't think about the limitations of their dreams unlike adults. They have high expectations and are capable of accomplishing their dreams, because they expect the greatest and nothing but the best. An example is Anne Frank , who with her diary captivated everyone's attention and brought us a glimpse into what the Holocaust was like. The best ideas are the ones that come from the heart and the ones that have no barriers. A childish idea are the greatest ones and can teach young adults and everyone a lesson.
2.Why does Svitak say that adults should listen and learn from kids and not just have kids learning from kids? Do you agree? Why or why not?

Svitak says that adults should listen from kids and not only have kids learning from kids because kids are the future and they have so much potential that we could impress adults. I think that everyday ,teachers and children learn from each other. And kid's ideas should not be looked down upon on . Instead they should be embrace because we our the new generation and we do grow up and become adults but we should be better versions and accept change because change and bold ideas are what allowed us to watch YouTube or chat with various people around the world on Facebook.

3.Why is trust important in the relationship between kids and adults for learning to take place?
Trust is extremely vital in any relationship , because without trust there isn't a relationship. Kids have to feel comfortable and have to have a bond and sense of trust with adults in order to flourish and for learning to take place. Adults have to embrace their kids ideas and help them accomplish their goals. If kids have trust they are more likely to have a stronger bond and have an open communication. Kids have such amazing spirits' and optimism that they are capable of everything. Adora Svitak really inspired me and everyone should follow in her steps.
4.Do you agree with Svitak that parents and adults should have high expectations for kids? Why?

Yes! Parent and adults should have high expectations for kids because they are the future. It's them who come up with the greatest ideas , which can become reality. For example today in Chanel One , I saw this story about a girl who is junior in High school and she makes irreversible headbands to help raise money to help girls in Africa go to schools. She has raise lots of money and I am really impressed and motivated by her. Kids are unstoppable because they see beyond the problems and barriers and see the big picture.
Bonding Time
Step 4
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