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Making Inferences

No description

Persephoni Moore

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Making Inferences

Making Inferences
What does it mean to infer?
schema + text information= inferring
Let Ms. Moore show you how!
What does this picture tell me?
This picture tells me...
Background knowledge:
I know that lemons are sour.
Clues from the picture:
The baby is making a pucker face.
Evidence from the picture:
The baby is holding a lemon.
Own experience:
When I eat lemons, my lips pucker up because they are sour.

My inference is: The baby is making a sour face because he tasted a lemon.

Let Ms. Moore show you how!
Mary and Beth were excited about Saturday. They had planned a picnic in the park. They would ride their bicycles to the park, play for a while, go fishing, and eat the sack lunches they brought. They were also looking forward to walking around the lake and feeding the ducks at the park. On Saturday morning, Mary hopped out of bed and looked out her window. Her shoulders slumped and she frowned.
background knowledge, something you already know
information from what you are reading or an image you are looking at
a conclusion
or a prediction
In Your Notebooks...
Inferring is like putting pieces of a puzzle together!
clues from the text
evidence from the text
own experience
This passage tells me...
Background Knowledge:
I know that people are excited when they are eager to do something fun.
Clues from the text:
The girls were planning to have a picnic.
Evidence from the text:
Her shoulders slumped when she looked out of the window. I know she was upset.
Own Experience:
If I was eager to do something and couldn't I would be upset.
My inference is: that the girls could not go to the picnic because of the weather.
Now you try!
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