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Volunteer Coordinator Training Take 2

No description

Deanne Everton

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of Volunteer Coordinator Training Take 2

Volunteer Coordinator Training
Fall 2017

Together we transform the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of their homes and revitalizing our communities.
Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley was founded in 1991.
RTSV does repair work in Santa Clara County with the exception of Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Los Altos, and Palo Alto.
Project costs are not tied to level of sponsorship. Sponsor levels determine the benefits a sponsor receives.
Average Project Costs=
Materials = 34%
Skilled Labor = 22%
Painting = 9%
Staffing = 9%
Volunteer Support = 8%
Project Support = 8%
Warehouse/Facility Support = 7%
Insurance = 3%
on every Rebuilding Day project
See pages 6-7, 30-31, 44-45

House Captain
Volunteer Coordinator
Resource Coordinator
On Rebuilding Day
Pre-Rebuilding Day
Post-Rebuilding Day
Volunteer Coordinator
Attend Volunteer Leadership Training
Participate in the project visit
Help determine number of unskilled volunteers needed.
Recruit volunteers; instruct them to sign up online
Recruit Social Media Coordinator
Contact volunteers from your project with project details
Contact the Homeowner prior to RD and make sure they are ready
Pick up the Project Box from the office
See page 32
Get there early, set up and check in on homeowner
Run check-in table:
Make sure all volunteers check in or have signed a waiver
Hand out t-shirts
Hand out nametags
Handle volunteer questions
Participate in Morning Kick-0ff pg. 42
Maintain flow and spirit of volunteers throughout the day
Arrange pick up of pizza and coordinate lunch break
Keep volunteers engaged
Remind volunteers to respect homeowners, and to check with the House Captain before agreeing to do any jobs that may be requested by the homeowner on the work day
Cooperate with Photographer for group picture
Coordinate with House Captain for a "House Number" presentation
Conduct a final walk-thru with the homeowner and the House Captain
Assist the homeowner in thanking the volunteers
Be the last to leave when the work is done
Congratulate the homeowner and thank them for the opportunity to help
See page 42
Return Project Box supplies
Water cooler
Project sign
First aid kit
Leave food and sodas with homeowner
Return signed waivers and check in sheets, and submit reimbursement and/or donation forms.
Encourage team members to complete on-line evaluation
Check out Rebuilding Day photos:

Safety is our #1 Priority
(followed by Quality as a close #2)
Leaders wear different color shirts
Make sure all volunteers wear masking tape nametags-front and back!
Go over safety hints in morning kick off
Choose a safety captain
If a job is in question, choose the safe option
Possible Threatening Situations
More Extensive Repairs
Missing Materials
No Shows
Too Many Volunteers
Difficult (and unpredictable) Situations
a few
broken tiles became…
See pages 43-44

Council members are our friends!
Pg. 39
Pg. 4
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