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Bend it Like Beckham Analysis

No description

Fatimah Hijjawi

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Bend it Like Beckham Analysis

Bend it Like Beckham Analysis
Sign 2 of Lotman's Intercultural Dialogue
Stage 3 of Lotman's Intercultural Dialogue
A Presentation by Fatimah Hijjawi
Sign 1 of Lotman's Intercultural Dialogue
Acceptance of new cultural codes but co-existence with the traditional values
Sister asking if Jess has a boyfriend
Sister accepting Jess's desire to play football whistle still wanting her to look nice and chastising her for playing nonetheless
Signs of the different culture are still perceived as 'alien' and 'strange'
(refusal of the local culture)
Embracing heritage to the point where modern dress is not accepted
Mothers constant referral to fashion designer with blue hair and divorce
"Half Naked"
Turning Brown
0:00- 1:26
9:26 onwards
Imported world view acquires more importance
Mother is clearly aware that sister has been sleeping with Titu
Girls cut their hair so short
Allowing a white man into their home
Stage 4 of Lotman's Intercultural Dialogue
The culture itself changes and begins to produce new signs
Jess is permitted to go to the football match
Parents let Jess go to University
6:00 and onwards
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