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Hunger Games Media Presentation

Created by Erin Preston, Lisa Schnoll, & Kamala Vance for HT-500 at HGSE

Erin Preston

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Hunger Games Media Presentation

What's the Message? Conclusion based loosely on the myth of Theseus and the minotaur in Crete Trope: common or overused theme or character stereotype Why are we hungry for the Hunger Games!? Demographics Distribution Book Movie Target Audience -13th Highest Grossing Film - NA All Time
-$407 Million at North American Box Office
-First movie to turn a profit for Lions Gate after they acquired Twilight. Starving Fans! Objectives Assessment & Analysis of Depiction Body “Various studies have clearly demonstrated that body schemata especially are adopted as inner images. The reduction of the beauty ideal to an overly slim body and the increasing discontent with one’s own appearance are inevitable consequences, because, compared with those of the female TV characters, one’s own body can only be regarded as deficient” (Hersch & Gotz, 2008, pg 19). The two main characters
have neither idealized nor
sexualized bodies. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Movie vs Real Life “Wasp waist” or “waist sexualized” figure (Hersch & Gotz, 2008)?

Intentional choice to represent a healthy body? Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Build Height "V- shaped torso" (Hersch & Gotz, 2008)?
Physical prowess? The romantic coupling of these body types
also challenge patriarchal norms of the
man being taller and more physically
capable than the female. Race & Ethnicity Analysis of Violence Creators Director Suzanne Collins Gary Ross and Billy Ray wrote the Hunger Game series
the screenplay for the movie
with Gary Ross Director
Producer Director
Producer Screenwriter
Producer Producers Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik Executive Producers Suzanne Collins,
Robin Bissel & Louise Rosner Mean Girls, She's All That, and various Mary Kate & Ashley movies all the other Gary Ross films Babel, Biutiful,
Inside Man,
& 25th Hour Diary of a Wimpy Kid
One Day Pre-teen and middle school audience,
but actual readership has started to enter Elementary school and spans to adults Exit polling showed the audiences were
61% female & 39% male,
with 56% ages 25 +
& 44% under age 25. Motion Picture Rating
Rated PG-13 for intense violent thematic
material and disturbing images
- all involving teens Damsel in Distress “Teen films are not constructed to show the complexity of the "push-pull" separation process between parent and child in adolescence, just as they refuse to explore the other thorny issues of the adolescent girl's journey to adulthood sexual orientation, anger, and identity confusion or the expressive possibilities beyond the conventional social currency of good looks and popularity" (Fox-Kales, 2011, pg 140). Provider for her family
Politically & emotionally manipulates the game
Saves Peeta on many occasions by being pragmatic, intelligent, and resourceful.
MAJOR bow & arrow skills Action Girl Star-crossed Lovers/
Romeo & Juliet Theme Altruism is... a voluntary act of helping or sharing that is intended to benefit others beyond simple sociability or duties associated with role" (Smith et al, 2006).
Katniss steps forward and takes Prim’s place in the almost certainly fatal games, and it is that action, not romantic love, that sets the plot’s challenges in motion. Altruism Pro-social behavior not as obvious in the films as in the book due to loss of first person narrative.
The romance between Peeta & Katniss is a primary motivator in the movie adaptation, but is not “sexual” and is more appropriate for younger audiences. no direct educational objectives -#1 eBook of all time
-#1 trilogy on amazon (even bigger than Harry Potter) We LOVE it! It's sick! In April of 2011, Suzanne Collins told Entertainment Weekly that her characters… "…Were not particularly intended to be biracial. It is a time period where hundreds of years have passed from now. There's been a lot of ethnic mixing. But I think I describe them as having dark hair, grey eyes, and sort of olive skin .…But then there are some characters in the book who are more specifically described". Director Gary Ross added: "Thresh and Rue will be [played by actors who are] African-American. It's a multi-racial culture and the film will reflect that. But I think Suzanne didn't see a particular ethnicity to Gale and Katniss when she wrote it, and that's something we've talked about a lot". People of Panem (the actors, at least) are predominantly White or Multiracial/Multiethnic The Tributes 1000s of fans vote to be "officially recognized" as Tributes

Endless paraphernalia: mockingjay pins, shirts, sandals, jewelry, nail polish, purses, clothes, action figures

Countless fan-made Hunger Game sites Would you recommend this product to your own children or students? To your friends? Yes, and it's already being used in lesson plans. Female character with real skills, is not a passive object of beauty, and who does not wait around for a hero. Her storyline is not driven by romance. Questionable Action Girls/Women BOOK MOVIE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_NnqOiu9Og However, the Hunger Games is being taught in Classrooms and used as a motivation for students to read. -over 800,000 hits for "The Hunger Games Lesson Plan" on Google

- lesson plans incorporate emotional education, vocabulary acquisition, consequences of violence.

-similar effect to Harry Potter in that "kids now want to read." A lot of controversy regarding violence in the hunger games.

-Teen on Teen Violence
-Absence of fantasy makes the violence "more real"
-Other popular series have lots of violence, but set in fantastical worlds. Does that separation matter? Do we recommend this for HT 500? Yes! This is a great example of successful franchise in film, text, games and a devoted fan base. References Bandura, A. (2009), Social cognitive theory of mass communication. In J. Bryant and M. B. Oliver, editors. Media effects:
Advances in theory and research. Third edition. New York: Routledge

Brown, M. (2012, August 17). Katniss vs. Harry: Hunger Games outsells Harry Potter on Amazon. GeekWire. Retrieved October 14,
2012, from http://www.geekwire.com/2012/katniss-defeats-harry-hunger-games-outsells-harry-potter-amazon/

Fine, N. (2012, March 25). 'The Hunger Games' Scores $214.25M: $155M US-Canada + $59.25M Foreign; #3 Biggest WEekend
Beats 'Twilight Saga' Deadline | Hollywood. Retrieved October 12, 2012, from www.deadline.com/2012/03/hunger-games-scores-huge-1-8m-i-australia/

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eating disorders. Albany: State University of New York Press.

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An Interview with Suzanne Collins, Author of 'The Hunger Games' Retrieved October 14, 2012, from http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6590063.html

Smith, S., Smith, S., Pieper, K., Yoo, J., Ferris, A., Downs, E., and Bowden, B. (2006). Altruism on American television: Examining
the amount of, and context surrounding, acts of helping and sharing. Journal of Communication, 56(4), 707-727.

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CA: Sage Publications.

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Stewart, D. (2012, March 26). A Character-By-Character Guide to Race in The Hunger Games.

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