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Tools of the gold fields

No description

Tommo Fidler

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Tools of the gold fields

Tools of The Gold Fields
The Gold Pan
The gold pan is used for gold panning. Panning for gold is used when you are looking for alluvial gold. The first gold pans used in Australia were just frying pans without handles. To use the pan you shake the pan back and forth in some water to separate dirt, sand or gravel from tiny little flakes of gold.
The Cradle
The cradle can be used instead of a pan. Cradling for gold is used when you are looking for alluvial gold or gold in mine shafts. The cradle separates dirt, clay and gravel from very small gold flakes. To use the cradle you rock the cradle bake and forth as water flows from the top to the bottom.
The Pickaxe
The pickaxe is used in both alluvial mining and shaft mining. The pick is use to break up rocks or clay to find any hidden gold in either two of the different types mine. To use the pickaxe swing it at the object you want to break.
The Shovel
A shovel is usually used for alluvial gold mining but can be use for digging out mine shafts. You use shovels for loading up dirt, clay, rocks or sand into a pan, cradle or bucket.
A Windlass
A windlass is used for carrying buckets of dirt or rocks up a mine shaft. It is like a pulley. It is a tool with a rope around a drum like cylinder that has a handle on the end. When a miner turns the handle it lifts the bucket up or down depending on the way that the miner turns the handle.
A Windsail
A windsail was used to get clean air into the shaft. It looks like the sail of a ship and it works with a scooping action. The miner turned the face to the wind and air then rushes into a canvas tube and into the shaft. It is used in shaft mines get fresh air into deep mines.
A Flume
A flume is a man made channel of water. It is used for transporting some thing from the top to bottom. It was made so nobody would have to walk a long way to just transport.
The stamper Battery
The quartz has to be crushed or pulverized to release the gold as dust. Batteries can have any number of stampers. To Operate the stamper batteries you have to have a supply of running water to spin a a water wheel or its proper name a pelton. Water was also use for washing out the pulverized quartz and gold dust.
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