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No description

Kendall Ota

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of ILLUMINATI


Illuminati and Politics
New World Order - a totalitarian, one-world government
Democratic system is merely a distraction to gain trust in citizens
Citizens think they are making their own choices
Politicians are manipulated into following Illuminati agenda
Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton, JFK, Lincoln, Jefferson
Involved in French Revolution, JFK Assassination, Cold War, Government Shutdown
Destruction of national economies in order to institute a singular global economy (controlled by Illuminati)
Eradication of national currencies to create one world currency
Massive bankruptcies, great stock market crash,deliberate contraction of credit
By Sharynne Alfonso and Kendall Ota
Secret brotherhood of the Knight Templars of the middle ages
Adam Weishaupt
When did the first Illuminati form?
Hammurabi, the Babylonian ruler 4,000 years ago
Bavarian Illuminati 1776 in Ingolstadt, Bavaria
A secret organization
Influences the world through economics, politics, social media, and religion
Controls all aspects of daily life
Goal is to create a "New World Order"
Efforts are secretive and subversive
What is the "Illuminati"?
Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati
Educated by the Jesuits
Embraced Enlightenment thinking
Disagreed with Jesuit ideas for obtaining power
Broke away from the Catholic Church
Created a small group of "Initiates" to help him achieve his goals in 1776
Originally wanted to be called the "Perfectibilists"
What were the goals of the Bavarian Illuminati?
Abolish hierarchy, rank, and riches
Stop superstition
End prejudice
Stop religious influence over the masses
Stop abuses of government power
Stop gender inequality
Bavarian Illuminati Disbanded in 1788
An edict banned all secret societies in Bavaria
Did they go into hiding?
Are they still conspiring to take over the world?
Today, many groups claim to be a part of the original Bavarian Illuminati
Illuminati and Religion
Illuminati and Economics
Why Do Young Adults talk about the Illuminati?
Expressing distrust of higher powers
Settling cognitive dissonance
Fulfilling a psychological need
Expressing Distrust in a Higher Power
Why would you talk about the Illuminati?
Formed against the Catholic Church
Worship the devil, Satan, Lucifer
Strive to become the devil, while the devil becomes them
Some people believe the Catholic Church formed the Illuminati to ward off enemies
Agents of Illuminati secretly planted among us
What Illuminati plans to accomplish out of agents: gain converts and spread their beliefs
Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Beyonce: Celebrities as 'Illuminati puppets'?
Illuminati Symbolism
Minerva Owl - Wisdom and enlightenment thinking
All-Seeing Eye - The eye of Satan
Baphomet - Symbol of the devil
Pyramid - Hierarchical system of Illuminati
666 - Number of the Anti-Christ
Pentagram - Sign of evil
The Devil's Horns - Triggers hypnotic programming in mind controlled slaves
21 out of 37 young adults said they would talk about the Illuminati to entertain others
Guerin and Miyazaki - Stories make good conversation even if they aren't credible
Fernback - conspiracy theories thrive in cyberspace
"Conspiracy theories are born of distrust." - Alan J. Fridlund (UCSB Professor)
Distrust fuels believers' skepticism and criticism of any public event they view as secretive or subversive
Slippery slope: distrust fuels conspiracy theory thinking which fuels need to share knowledge with others
Settling Cognitive Dissonance
Serving a Psychological Need
"Outlandish conspiracy theories serve a psychological need for the holders  of those theories, which is often that the holders of outlandish conspiracy theories feel like outsiders. But, when you have a conspiracy theory that you believe in, you have secret knowledge that puts you on the inside. So you go from being an outsider to being an insider. And you feel like you’re special. So you go from feeling like an outsider, to feeling like you’re privileged in a special place and everyone else is ignorant.”
- Alan J. Fridlund, UCSB Professor
Guerin and Miyazaki - people talk about things they do not understand to help find meaning
People are constantly trying to understand things to reduce anxiety and confusion
"People start filling in the gaps with what makes sense to them" - Professor Fridlund
Illuminati and Society
Expressing Distrust
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