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The back to school night 8th grade style

No description

James Bolden Jr

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of The back to school night 8th grade style

How we are achieving success in the 21st
century in English class.

We will be addressing:
1. High School Entrance
Exams through the
taking of practice tests;

2. Public speaking
skills through the
presentation of papers
and class debates;

3. Writing the five-paragraph essay
with a strong focus on the intro-
duction, the analysis, and the
conclusion, and understanding the
importance of parallelism;

4. Discussing the vision and notion
of morality. "What makes a good
citizen?" There will be collaboration
with the social studies and religion
5. Looking at sentence structure and reviewing the
parts of speech in detail (where necessary);

6. Constructing a solid thesis statement and
learning to embrace writing, as opposed to being
intimidated by the process of writing;

7. Enhancing the students' vocabulary; and

8. Encouraging the students to think critically
about themes, especially on the global level.

How will we accomplish this?
Through teacher-led instruction, student-led
instruction, lively debate, group debate, paper
presentations, group projects, impromptu writing
assignments, practice tests, text book readings,
trade books, and so much more.
The Final Result: Your child has the educational foundation, and the
morals, the character, and the qualities to be successful in the 21st century on a global level!!!!!
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