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Coke Product- Supply and Demand Project

No description

zakenja buchanan

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Coke Product- Supply and Demand Project

Supply and Demand Project Supply For coke
1.)The government placed a tax on Coke for about 25%.
2.)Krogers has a sale for coke next week, 4 for $12.
3.)Coke products announces that coke has gone bad.
4.)The price for Dr.Pepper has increased its price.
5.)The sugar in coke, increased in its price. Pe P Q Qe D S S D P Q Price: Increase Quantity Supplied: Decrease Pe Qe Demand for Coke
1.)The Coca-Cola Company says there's a sale
4/$10 next week.
2.)The sale for pepsi increased than coke.
3.) A woman took a poll on pepsi and coke, and more people seem to like coke better
4.)People would rather have tea that coke.
5)Coke seems to have increased in their prices. S D Q P Qe Pe Price: Increase
Quantity Supplied:Increase P Q D S $5.00 $7.50 Price Floor $1,500.00 $700 P Q D S Price Ceiling
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