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APA Style Formatting

No description

Nicholas Chambers

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of APA Style Formatting

APA Style Formatting
Research & Citation Resources
Conducting Research
Using Research
APA Style
MLA Style
Chicago Manual of Style
Section 3 - Introduction
Addresses two questions: What has already been done in this field of research? What is the point of this study?
You should the following questions:
Why is this problem important?
What are the primary and secondary hypothesis and objects of the study?
How do the hypotheses and research design relate to one another.
This section does not need a primary heading "Introduction."
Provide rationale for everything and descriptions for everything.
Section 6 - Discussion
Start your discussion by summarising your main findings. Even though results were already discussed, go ahead and review some of them.
Relate these findings to your original prediction. What does this mean to the question you were initially trying to answer?
What are the weaknesses of your own study? Are there any factors that could be improvised?
Finally, conclude by summarising the main findings and their implications.
This is the last piece of writing in your paper.
Do Not Repeat statistical details in your discussion.
Section 7 - References
Follow the APA style guidelines that will be attached somehow!
Ohhhhh Boy, This Sounds Terrible!
It really isn't! I'm not looking for your to follow this style to the letter. I want you to do your best so that you are able to have a solid "lab report" for your findings in this question you are answering!
Section 4 - Method
Describe the details of how your study was conducted.
This is where you want to put all of your statistical data (IE - Shots made/Shots missed), your graphs/tables, and all other mathematical data.
This section should be written in past verb tense.
Section 5 - Results
What did you find? The first paragraph in the Results should include a brief overview of the analyses to be described.

Ask yourself, "If the graphs and/or tables were removed, could the reader still understand the results from the text I have written?" If the answer is 'no' then you haven't included enough information on how you did your analysis.

Do Not Discuss or Interpret your Results. Just state them.
Section 1 - Title Page
Author's Name
Institutional Affiliate of Author where research took place

Did Lebron James choke in the 2008 NBA Playoffs?
Nicholas E. Chambers
The Gary and Jerri - Ann Jacobs High Tech High School
Section 2 - Abstract
Begin this on a new page
First line, you should center the word "Abstract"
Beginning in the next line, write a concise summary of the key points of your research. Your abstract should contain at least your research topic, research questions, participants, methods, results, data analysis, and conclusions.
Should be a single paragraph, double - spaced
Between 150 - 250 words
APA Style
APA stands for American Psychological Association citation and format style.
Primarily used in the Social Sciences as well as Statistics
Has 7 major sections in the paper
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