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Plant Cells& Softball

No description

aiyanna cruz

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Plant Cells& Softball

Both the Nucleus and an umpire are the one in control whether its in the cell or on the field.
RER + Coaches
When things get a little out of hand our RER and Coaches help conduct and producing Ribosomes a.k.a our Players
Cell Membrane + League Officials
Together the Cell Membrane and League Officials regulates everything and keeps everyone safe.
Nucleus + Umpire
Ribosomes + Players
Cell walls + Fences
Cell walls are our protectors just like fences keep out all of the people who are trouble to the players
Mitochondria + Snack shacks
We all need energy and where is a better place to get our energy and food then our snack shack or Mitochondria for cells
Golgi Body + Vendors
Shipping is one of the major parts to both Golgi and vendors as they both send out packages of whatever they got
SER + Spectators
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum and spectators alike are always relaying information to other organelles or organizations
Whos in charge here?
Working hard

Come on down
Plant Cells& Softball
Just like Ribosomes players are following directions and producing proteins or "plays"
Vacuole + Field keepers

Together the Vacuole and the Field cleaners keep everything clean and neat
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