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Gizmo Training (Sci and Math)

Generic ExploreLearning Initial Training workshop by Stephen Lippa

Stephen Lippa

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Gizmo Training (Sci and Math)

Gizmos! Stephen Lippa www.ExploreLearning.com ,OCT www.explorelearning.com/surveycanada What are Gizmos? How to use ExploreLearning.com Gizmos for Differentiated Instruction Setting Up Your Classes Integration Collaboration Supporting Research Instruction using computer-based simulations
improves student achievement (Marzano, 1998) Interactive online simulations for math and science
Created for students in grades 3-12
A fun way to learn and build lasting understanding Research
Lesson Examples
Start Guide
Enrolling students Types of Gizmos Misconceptions - Conceptual Development Inquiry - Manipulating Variables Models Real-World Applications Equipment and Safety Skill Development Whole-class Instruction: LCD or Interactive Whiteboard Minds-On, or review activities
Modeling inquiry
Introduce or debrief an investigation Computer Stations: Individual or group work
Computer Lab: Individual or group work Teacher Website: Hyperlinked access
Online Courses, Blended eLearning Credit Recovery
Self-directed homework and Support www.explorelearning.com slippa@explorelearning.com

Voice: 647 232 7998
Twitter: stephenlippa www.explorelearning.com/ontario Who can help you be accountable? What action can you commit to right now? As we go into the world,
stick together and hold hands Showers B., Joyce B. and Bennett B. (1987) Overall Aim (Big Idea)

Building capacity to help teachers engage in high leverage strategies using Gizmos and build lessons that incorporate a variety of learning modalities making richer classroom experiences. OISE Workshop Objectives:

Enable teacher candidates to incorporate a Gizmo into the design of a lesson.

Empower teacher candidates with expertise and knowledge they can share with the teachers they will interact with during their practicum placements in Ontario schools.

Inspire teacher candidates to learn more. PLT Workshop Success Criteria:

The survey feedback from teachers candidates indicates that they feel they can incorporate a Gizmo lesson in future lesson design.

Observe teacher candidates:
easily navigating the ExploreLearning website to find Gizmos and associated resources
enrolled in my workshop class roster

Two or three teacher candidates committing to attempting to integrate a Gizmo into a well planned lesson during their practicum placement
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