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Great Leaders: Gandalf The Grey/White

No description

Austin Ducedre

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Great Leaders: Gandalf The Grey/White

Finally Who is Gandalf? Gamdalf the Grey/White
Lord of the Rings Style of Leadership Laissez-Faire
Only comes when needed
Gives little to no punishments
When he comes, he delivers a very high degree of skill and motivation
A sense of team does exist, although when he's needed it's usually because the team is in danger
Routine is somewhat familiar to members because he has rescued his team many times previously
What Makes Gandalf A Great Leader Called Leader of the Dwarves (for a reason)
Horse is the king of horses (Shadowfax)
Considered the greatest and wisest wizard A wizard in Middle Earth
Becomes Gandalf the White after he fights the Balrog, then thrown to his death and comes back to life after being in subspace for eternity
Brings a sense of security to the group
He is ageless A leader and mentor to Frodo (who must bring the ring of all rings to Mount Doom to destroy it.)
Only uses his powers to he uses his powers only for the cause of god against evil
Puts himself in jeopardy to save the lives of the Hobbits (Frodo, Pippin, Sam & Merry)
He is in a powerful position in the "leadership" yet he still allows Frodo to make important decisions
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