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Reach Counseling Services

No description

Amber Ross

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Reach Counseling Services

Reach Counseling Services
Mission and Goals
"Our mission is to promote awareness, long term healing to child victims, adult survivors, and family members. Advocacy, prevention education, and community awareness services are also available."
Last year, education and public awareness was spread to approximately 20,000 individuals!!!
Organizational Structure
Executive Director

Head of Department


Agency Environment
Physical Environment

- White noise machine or calming
- Confidentiality (physical barriers)

Emotional Environment
- Attending behaviors: reflection of
feeling,clarification, validating
feelings, tone
- Being a knowledgeable, calming
- "Normalizing" the situation
- Being nonjudgmental, redirecting
victim blame/responsibility
- Being a physical barrier (in court)

Agency Historical Evolution
Reach Counseling Services
Change over Time
Reach was able to provide more specialized services with the split in 1984
Agency recognized the need for prevention education services in 1980
By becoming a licensed health clinic they where able to reach sexual abuse victims who also suffered from mental illnesses
Recognized the need for an outreach to Native American and Latino victims around the year 2000
Began to provide legal, medical, and personal support to victims through trained advocates and volunteers
to end sexual violence and promote healing in our community
Agency Roles
Lead therapist
Adolescent Offender Therapist
Child Therapist
Adolescent/Adult Therapist

Advocacy Manager and Volunteer Coordinator
Latino Outreach Advocate
Native American Outreach Advocate
UWO Campus Advocate

Education Prevention
Education Prevention Manager

Sex Offender Treatment

Sex Offender Treatment Manager

Grant writing and Funding developer
Our Role as Prevention Educators!
Elementary Students
Protective Behaviors

Middle School Students
Sexual Abuse
Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
Bullying and the Internet

High School Students
Sexual Abuse
Talking Points Project
Agency Collaboration Efforts
Agency Evaluation of Effectiveness
Bullying Presentation
Bullying is a problem at this school:
Types of bullying that I have seen:
"I learned that it’s important to tell when you’re getting bullied or cyberbullied!"

"You taught me how to prevent and acknowledge cyberbullying. You should come more often because I really like the things you taught us about."

"In life I would like to write a book about Bullying."

"Bullying is a huge problem everywhere and anyone can be a victim."

"Bullying is not something to joke about, it is a serious problem."

"I have learned that you gotta learn how to be an UPSTANDER!"

"I enjoyed learning how bullying can affect others. I learned that kids can hurt themselves because they were hurt. Sometimes they keep quiet about it until it’s too late. I think you should come again sometime because you taught me stuff I had no idea about."

"I’ve learned that I’m more of a bystander than an upstander."

"Cyberbullying does not need to be repeated!!!"
Feedback from Merrill Middle School
"You guys did a really good job teaching us. I appreciate it a lot. I would really like it if you guys come here more often because you guys were really fun. I learned a lot about different [kinds of] abusive relationships. I also learned about bullying and what kind of person I am, or want to be with someday."

"You all were very insightful. I hope you all come back next year and teach my 6th grade friends everything you have taught me."

"I enjoyed letting myself tell about what’s going on. I am a lot happier now. Thank you. I learned that you should get help in an abusive relationship. You should keep going to schools so other kids know the right thing to do. I wish you could come back in because I really liked how you taught us. I want to learn more. Please go to more schools so other kids know the right things."

"You put a lot of stuff in my head so now I know that no one should be abused because [your presentations] helped me a lot. Now I don’t fight with my sister that much anymore."

"I believe kids need to know that [they] have a voice, and if that happens, tell someone and they will help."
"I enjoyed you coming to our school and talking about dating and bullying. I learned a lot of new things like being an upstander, and things in a bad relationship. It’s important for you to go to schools so we can learn about the different types of bullying and the different things that can happen [while] dating."

"It’s a good thing for you guys to go to schools and to teach them the stuff that you thought us because some kids need help and need to talk [about] it with someone."

"I thought you guys did an awesome job at presenting and I learned a ton of new things I didn’t know before. Now I can be aware of what I post on the internet, and I can look out for bullying and/or cyberbullying. I also don’t want to be a bystander, because things need to be reported. Stop, walk, and talk. You guys should teach these lessons to other classes/schools because its good information to know."

"I learned a lot and I want to tell my parents all about it. I had a lot of fun when you came over to school. I hope you come back to my health class."
Relationship of Agency to the Community???
Federal/State Organizations:
, VOCA, VAWA, Corrections
Community Grants:
JJ Keller, Menasha Corporation, United Way
Community Foundations

some client charges for therapy sessions
Private Donations:
10-15% of funding provided by private donations
Education Prevention


Boys and Girls Brigade
Best Friends
Christine Ann Center
Winnebago Schools
Appleton, Oshkosh, and Neenah Corrections
Area Hospitals
Christine Ann Center
Sexual Assault Crisis Center
DA and Police Departments
Best Friends
Harbor House
Reach and the Community
Public Awareness and Education

School Based and Community Based Education

Medical Advocacy
Legal Advocacy
Personal Advocacy
Latino and Native American Outreach Advocacy
UW-Oshkosh Campus Advocacy

Support Services

24-Hour Crisis Hotline
Support Groups
Treatment Programs

Family Therapy
Child Therapy
Adult/Adolescent Therapy

Physical Environment
- Bad outdoor signs
- Cluttery office (from moving)
- Lack of diverse artwork
- Lack of couches in some offices
Surveys: counseling, therapy, advocates (but more about the therapeutic relationship than the agency)
Prevention Education: disclosures
Agency Evaluation is a weakness; no solid system in place
PLEASE Vote For us on
October 29th!!!!!
Last year Reach Educators and Victim Advocates accumulated over 20,665 miles providing Advocacy, Education and Public Awareness...

At a cost of over $8200 plus a year paid out for mileage reimbursement these monies would be freed up to offer more education and trauma services meeting more needs of persons affected by sexual abuse, incest and assault!!!
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