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Cell analogy with Mall

No description

Hope French

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell analogy with Mall

Cell Analogy: Mall By: Hope French and Shelby Greene Cell Membrane Mall Walls They both surround the structure
and keep everything inside. The
cell wall is rigid like the bricks on
the outside of a mall. It allows things
to enter and exit the cell/mall. Nucleus Managers Office It is where information is kept and sent out. The nucleus of the cell is where DNA is made, just like the manager's office is where new decisions are made. Cytoplasm Security The cytoplasm is the network that controls/watches over whatever moves throughout the cell. It is the jelly area surrounding the organelles throughout the cell. The security system controls what moves throughout the mall. Mitochondria Food Court Mitochondria is like the food court.
It supplies food which produces energy
for the shoppers. Chloroplasts are like the mall's Solar Panels A solar panel captures energy from the sun
and converts it into free energy for mall use. Ribosomes are like the store's stockroom. Ribosomes synthesize proteins
to be sent to the nucleus just like
the stockroom modifies items to be
sent to the store floor. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Service Desk The ER is used to transport materials throughout the mall and the service desk is where some decisions are made about where to put things throughout the mall and help customers walk throughout the mall. Golgi Apparatus Product The Golgi apparatus modifies and packages the protein so that they can leave the cells. Similar to when the product at the mall is put into a shopping bag so that the consumer can take it from the mall. Lysosomes Trash Cans Lysosomes digest the enzymes in the cell so that they can exit the cell. The trash cans prepare the trash so that it can exit the mall. Vacuoles Stockroom The vacuole stores enzymes and water within a cell and the stockroom in a mall stores essentials goods so the mall can thrive. Microtubules/Microfilaments Escalators/Elevators Microtubules and microfilaments are tubes that transport goods throughout the cell. The escalators and elevators transport the customers throughout the mall. Cell Analogy: Mall Shelby Greene and Hope French
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