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Plan of Salvation

Learning about this plan will also help us understand and rely upon the teachings and Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Andrew Watkins

on 4 January 2018

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Transcript of Plan of Salvation

Where did we come from?

Why are we here on earth?

Presence of God
Where can I go after this life?

Earth Life (Mortality)

Because one’s spirit is so important, its development is of eternal consequence. It is strengthened as we communicate in humble prayer with our loving Heavenly Father.

The attributes by which we shall be judged one day are all spiritual. These include love, virtue, integrity, compassion, and service to others. Your spirit, coupled with and housed in your body, is able to develop and manifest these attributes in ways that are vital to your eternal progression. Spiritual progress is attained through the steps of faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end, including the endowment and sealing ordinances of the holy temple.

Elder Russell M. Nelson, Thanks Be To God," April 2012
"In gospel grammar, death
is not an exclamation point,
merely a comma."

Elder Neal A. Maxwell,
April 1983 Conference
Mercifully for us, our Creator provided for aging and other processes that would ultimately result in our physical death. Death, like birth, is part of life. Scripture teaches that “it was not expedient that man should be reclaimed from this temporal death, for that would destroy the great plan of happiness.” To return to God through the gateway we call death is a joy for those who love Him and are prepared to meet Him. Eventually the time will come when each “spirit and … body shall be reunited again in … perfect form; both limb and joint shall be restored to its proper frame,” never to be separated again. For these physical gifts, thanks be to God!

Elder Russell M. Nelson, "Thanks Be To God," April 2012
How can I be worthy for the Celestial Kingdom? (Glory of the Sun - see D&C 76)
Be valiant in the testimony of Christ (D&C 76). People that do their best to keep commandments. People who endure faithfully to the end in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Receive the saving ordinances (Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Temple Endowment and Sealing (Highest Degree of the Celestial - D&C 131)
Those who inherit the Terrestrial Kingdom
(Glory of the Moon - see D&C 76)...

Receive the presence of the Son, but not the Father, or the Father's crown.
Were not valiant in the testimony of Jesus.
Honorable men and women who were blinded by the craftiness of the world.
Those who inherit the Telestial Kingdom
(Glory of the Stars - see D&C 76)

1. Received not the gospel of Christ, neither the testimony of Jesus, neither the prophets, neither the everlasting covenant.
2. Have not denied the Holy Spirit.
3. Will remain in Spirit Prison (state of hell) until late in the Resurrection.
4. Where God and Christ dwell, they cannot come.
1. Abraham 3:22-28
2. Family: A Proclamation to the World
Our Heavenly Father loves His children. He has blessed each with physical and spiritual gifts. Let me speak of each type. When you sing “I Am a Child of God,” think of His gift to you of your own physical body. The many amazing attributes of your body attest to your own “divine nature.”

Each organ of your body is a wondrous gift from God… Your heart is an incredible pump. It has four delicate valves that control the direction of blood flow. These valves open and close more than 100,000 times a day—36 million times a year. Yet, unless altered by disease, they are able to withstand such stress almost indefinitely.

Elder Russell M. Nelson, "Thanks Be to God," April 2012.
"[Remember] that a perfect body is not required to achieve one’s divine destiny. In fact, some of the sweetest spirits are housed in frail or imperfect bodies. Great spiritual strength is often developed by people with physical challenges, precisely because they are so challenged.

Anyone who studies the workings of the human body has surely “seen God moving in his majesty and power.” Yet some people erroneously think that these marvelous physical attributes happened by chance or resulted from a big bang somewhere. Ask yourself, “Could an explosion in a printing shop produce a dictionary?”

Elder Russell M. Nelson, "Thanks Be to God," April 2012
2 Nephi 2:25
What is the main purpose of coming to earth?
What are the tests that we must pass?
Abraham 3:25
Moses 1:33
Our spirits existed in the premortal realm and will continue to live after the body dies. The spirit provides the body with animation and personality. In this life and in the next, spirit and body, when joined together, become a living soul of supernal worth.
Genesis 1:26-27
"God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, but we are not. Each day, ours is the challenge to access the power of the Atonement so that we can truly change, become more Christlike, and qualify for the gift of exaltation and live eternally with God, Jesus Christ, and our families. For these powers, privileges, and gospel gifts, thanks be to God!"

Elder Russell M. Nelson, "Thanks Be to God," April 2012.
People who qualify for Celestial Glory...

1. Will be resurrected first.
2. Will enjoy the presence of God and Christ forever and ever.
3. Will be given all things from the Father - including a continuation of seeds forever and ever.
4. Will overcome all things.
5. Will be sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise.
Sons of Perdition

1. Denied the Holy Spirit after having received it.
2. No salvation, no glory.
3. Become vessels of wrath, doomed to suffer the wrath of God, with the devil and his angels in eternity.
What must a man do to commit the unpardonable sin? He must receive the Holy Ghost, have the heavens opened unto him, and know God, and then sin against him. After a man has sinned against the Holy Ghost, there is no repentance for him. He has got to say that the sun does not shine while he sees it; he has got to deny Jesus Christ when the heavens have been opened unto him, and to deny the plan of salvation with his eyes open to the truth of it; and from that time he begins to be an enemy. This is the case with many apostates of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church, 6:314).
Spirit World
Spirit Paradise
Spirit Prison
1. A state of happiness and rest from all trouble and sorrow (Alma 40:12).
2. Still awaiting a resurrected body - not quite a fulness of joy (D&C 138:17).
3. Powerful missionaries commissioned to go and preach faith, repentance, and vicarious baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and other necessary principles to those in prison (D&C 138:30-34).
Why do we have a veil between us?
D&C 110:1
Hebrews 11:1
John 20:29
What do we learn?
“Perhaps more of us, including our students, could literally, or at least figuratively, behold the angels around us if we would but awaken from our stupor and hear the voice of the Spirit as those angels try to speak. . . .
"I believe we need to speak of and believe in and bear testimony to the ministry of angels more than we sometimes do. They constitute one of God’s great methods of witnessing through the veil” ( Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Brigham Young University, Aug. 9, 1994, 11–13).
“When messengers are sent to minister to the inhabitants of this earth, they are not strangers, but from the ranks of our kindred, friends, and fellow beings. Our fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters and friends who have passed away from this earth...bringing messages of love, warning, reproof and instruction, to those whom they had learned to love in the flesh. ” (Joseph F. Smith, Gospel Doctrine, 1939, 435-36).
1. People who are damned (or in hell/prison) have been blocked from receiving the living waters. These living waters are truth, and ordinances of the gospel.
2. This blockage has come from wickedness (D&C 138:20), or from not yet receiving/accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ.
How are we saved?

Alma 42:26-31
2 Nephi 33:12
2 Nephi 25:23
What are some signs that we live in a fallen world?
Because Jesus Christ accomplished His mission, died and suffered for us, and now lives again (Atonement), we can defeat
(Resurrection), and
(Repentance & Forgiveness).
2 Nephi 25:13
Story of Killdeer
Story of Mother Hen
Joseph Smith said... "at the first organization in heaven we were all present, and saw the Savior chosen and appointed and the plan of salvation made, and we sanctioned it."
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