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The New Rocket Design Project

No description

Michael Williams

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of The New Rocket Design Project

What is a rocket?
A brief history of Rockets
Different functions of rockets
There are many different functions of rockets . There are some rockets that are made for Nasa or used for space or the galaxy's.

Different types of rocket designs
There are many different types of Nasa Rocket Designs Listed here Called Saturn V, Space Shuttle,Titan-Centaur, Titan111C, Saturn11,Germini-Titan,Atlas Agenda, Atlas Mercury, and Red stone,.
The New Rocket Design Project
By Michel Brandon Williams
Mr. Ashwoth's class p.2
How is your new rocket design different from the existing Rockets?
What scientific method did you use to design your new rocket?
What engineering principle did you use to design your new rocket?
what does the future hold for your new rocket?
Why did you choose your new rocket design?
What are the different materials required for your new Rocket design?
Resources Page:
A rocket is a flying , spacecraft invention used to fly to the moon or any parts of space or through the galaxy.
The history of rockets goes back to the 13th Century of China. From there developments occurred in Mongolia, India, Britain, America and Russia among many others. Rocket technology first became known to Europeans following there use by the Mongols, Genghis Khan and Ögedei Khan, when they conquered parts of Russia, Eastern, and Central Europe. The Mongolians had acquired the Chinese technology by conquest of the northern part of China and also by the subsequent employment of Chinese rocketry experts as mercenaries for the Mongol military. Reports of the Battle of Sejo in the year 1241 describe the use of rocket-like weapons by the Mongols against the Magyars.[6] Rocket technology also spread to Korea, with the 15th century wheeled hwacha that would launch singijeon rockets. These first Korean rockets had an amazingly long range at the time, and were designed and built by Byun Eee-Joong. They were just like arrows but had small explosives attached to the back, and were fired in swarms.
My New Rocket Design is different Because my rocket design isn't like the others it fly's faster than any other Jet, Plane, or Rocket in space or through the galaxy's it's power of speed can fly to the very end of the earth in 1 single hour so unbelievable that this specific Rocket is defined Gravity anywhere and everywhere even though space doesn't exist to have gravity and why this rocket is made like this is because the electrical power of the telephone poles and electric wires charge it every single day and night.
The scientific Method I used to design this new rocket is metal mechanical materials, and missile's and fast extraordinary speed that is unbelievable powered all over the world powered by the Telephone poles and electric wires that I use to charge the Rocket every Night and day static electricity powers and charges the bike for it's electrical speed reactions .
I used the writing's of my own ideas and to sketch and also testing the rocket model out by using the electrical electricity of static electricity used by Telephone poles and electric wires.
The future holds for my new rocket is the Nasa team so they can go to space for any planet or to search around the galaxy how fast they want so they can get the job done and go back to earth.
Because This new rocket can help the Nasa Crew and others in need of transportation around the world, Space, and Galaxy's, to get were they need to go in one instant.
. Static Electricity (Telephone Poles and Electric Wires)
. Alloys of titanium, aluminum and magnesium
WWW. Google.com
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