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Human Resource Management Group Project

HR Overview of Fours Girls and a Guy Productions Company

Dora Poltz

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Human Resource Management Group Project

HR Overview Four Girls and a Guy Production Company HR Functions of Four Girls and a Guy Productions Staffing Total Rewards Employee and
Labor Relations Risk Management and
Worker Protection Health and wellness
Disaster and recovery planning Equal Employment
Opportunity Compliance
Affirmative action Strategic HR
Management Effectiveness
Retentions Job analysis
Selection Compensation
Benefits Employee rights and privacy
HR policies
Union / management relations Talent Management Orientation
HR development
Career planning
Performance management Amy Hartmann
Patty Jehling
Dora Poltz
Savonne Whitfield
Jasmine T. Willis Compensation Overall strategy
Upper management
Middle management
Sales force and managers
Technical / support staff and managers Benefits Health / medical insurance
Life / disability insurance
Paid time off
Retirement plans
Work / life support Compliance Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII
Civil Rights Act of 1991
Americans with Disabilities Act Diversity Age, religion, race, gender, national origin
Language, military, sexual orientation, appearance
Diversity training: legal & cultural awareness, sensitivity training Affirmative Action Sex & gender
Immigration Reform & Control Act (IRCA) HR Effectiveness Assessing operation
Diagnosing opportunities
Compliance testing
Developing business case
Group benefit programs
Assisting standard operation HR Metrics Cost per hire: recruitment costs / (compensation costs + benefits)
Benefits as a percent of salary: annual benefits cost / annual salary HR Technology Mobile and social media policies
Cloud-based and mobile apps
Social recruiting
Mobile devices HR Planning 1) Business strategy and needs
2) Job analysis & job description
3) Feasibility of hiring HR Retention 1) Training & development
2) Rewards, compensation, benefits & performance
3) Policies & practices
4) Job & work-life
5) Employee-supervisor relationships
6) Organizational & management factors Job Analysis Task-Based Job Analysis:
A large variety of jobs leads to a variety of tasks, duties and skills
Combination Methods:
Interviewing and Observation Recruiting Open positions are posted on company website
Established employment brand- Visible on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
Internship program established with local universities
Aggressive employee referral program established Selection Candidates are selected with input from the HR Department and Functional Manager
Realistic Job Previews - Utilized
Interviews - phone screen and two internal interviews: Structural and Behavioral Employee Rights and Privacy Employment at Will
“Open Door Policy” and “Right to Privacy”
Electronic HRIS System
Email/Internet Access Policy HR Policies Established Employee Manual- updated and redistributed annually
Reviewed annually by legal counsel
Includes Progressive Discipline Policy and Code of Ethics Union /
Management Relations Annual Union Avoidance Training- Attentive and Responsive to employees
Employee Surveys conducted annually to address the needs and wants of employees Orientation New Hires (10-12)
Within first month
Company overview, departments, support functions
Legal trainings
Site tour Trainings Product trainings - internal
Leadership trainings - external
Soft skills - internal trainer community Talent Management Yearly performance management against previously set business goals
Yearly talent calibration cycle
Key role pipeline management
Leadership potential identification
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