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waslat wisaal

on 24 June 2011

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Transcript of P2MA

Medieval Europe Religion R Environment E Culture C Inventions I Politices (Goverment) P Economy E Islam
Quran Christianty
Bible East=HOT Northwest=KOOL Church Mosque Muslims Christians Rivers,Volga,Panube.
lakes,Ural mountains North is all of the seasons language
Catalen, French Poituguese,English and more They made Soap,Spinning Wheel,Quarantin,Printing press,Tidal mills and Hourglass The king can tax people as much as he wants Land, farming Games Outside
Colf= Golf
Hammer=Throwing Chess,Nine Mens Morries,Tables=Backgammon,Fox & Geese=a game of strategy,Shovelboard=sHufflesboard Clothing The Feudal System was ruled by the king and church learder.The king pasted land to his nights to protect his lands. Feudal They farmed without farming they didn't have any food they would die or stave to death. Farming neant alot i am alot Land meat every thing ... money was nothing at all Black Death
The Black Death was the end of the middle ages.... everyone die becase of rats or flies that landed on people with all of the grems and got people sick.People die after a week. It was the Blach Ages or Black Death
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