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The World's First Electronic Calculator

No description

Mendy Nguyen

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of The World's First Electronic Calculator

The ANITA Mk 8 is the world's first
electronic calculator. It was made in late 1960.
The ANITA was built by Bell Punch Co. The ANITA Mk 8 was mainly sold in Germany,
Holland, and Belgium.
In 1963 the ANITA was sold in England. The ANITA stands for "A New Inspiration To Arithmetic." This name is now the family name for almost all the electronic models built by the Bell Punch Co. The Anita is big as a cash till and weighs more than 30lb. Which is 13.9 kg The World's First Electronic Caluculator For over two years the Bell Punch company sold thousands of calculators. It helps to do the office work of 5,000 companies in Britain. In 1964 the ANITA Mk 8 costs
about $1,000 USD. Which cost £355 Sterling.
The reason why the ANITA was expensive is because
it had automatic multiplication and division. The reason why the ANITA Mk 8 was a change agent
because it can help you find the solution of a math problem faster. And it's easier to use than calculating out by paper and pencil. The ANITA Mk 8 calculator seems to be much slower today but it was very fast compared to the mechanical calculator. This picture is one of the model built
by the Bell punch Co. It's called the ANITA 1000. Primary Resources
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