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kamaljit bains

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation

Evaluation 1-In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms of conventions of real media Product? 2-How does your media product represent particular social groups? Senators- The people who relate to high society and authority. Our senator is similar to other senators because he is someone who is in power. He is someone who is being accused of doing something that he hasn't done. He dresses smartly and he fits the image of a seantor. He is different from everyone else because he is more of a socialite and is in danger. This shows the different variety of shots that we used in our opening sequence. The first shot shows the title of the opening sequence. It shows the font we used and the background. It gives it a sinister effect and makes it stand out. The next shot is a close-up of the main character putting her shoes on. This makes the viewers wonder what is happening, this is one prop we used. The next shot we see the setting, which is a bedroom, and it is a medium close up. This also gives us an insight into the plot. The 4th shot shows us more into the plot by showing us the freemason logo, and this is another prop and shows us the titles that we used. They stand out and catch the audience's attention, this also shows how the genre is introduced. The next shot shows another character that we learn is the senator. This shows editing and how the charcters are introduced into the sequence and also special effects and how we got the picture into the sequence. The next shot shows more of the plot and props used, and the genre of the sequence and the location of the sequence. The 7th shot shows the phone ringing and this gives us more suspense in the plot, and shows more props and the setting. The 8th shot shows us a close-up of the characters facial expression and shows costumes and more of the plot. The last shot shown shows us that the main character leaves and this leaves the audience wanting more and to know what will happen next. It shows special effects of the dimming of the light to fade out and the props. Radio Presenter- The radio presenters are alike other radio presenters that we see in other opening sequences becuase they state the facts about things and they tell the truth. They are both very convincing and you can understand what they are saying. They keep they audiences attention on what they are saying by their tone. They are differnt by what they are saying and what they are reporing about. Terrorist- Our main character is the terrorist. She captures the audiences attention straight away.
We use differnt shots of the terrorist to make it more exciting. In the sequence we see
her doing many things and this keeps the audience entertained. She moves around and is
doing many things. She is different by the way she reacts to things and her actions.
What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Universal- One institue is universal, a production company develops and produces a film.
They advertise it by trailers, posters on the radio and many other things to get
more people to come and watch the film. A distributor distributes the film to
many cinemas and to premiers. This would be someone in universal because
would distribute the film. The money for this film would have come from
universal, we researched it and used the most common names used,our film is
seven because of the thriller based genre.
Internet- We also could use the internet, there are many internet companies
that distibute films. They are also very successful. They would distribute it by promoting it on the interney by pop-ups and websites and other ways. They would use there own distirbutor. They would get the money from there company . Film Festival The film festival also how films that may not have much money and they
show the films there so they can be shown. This enables people to see films
that may not be seen by many people. These maybe films that are made by people that are not that well-known and they want to show the wolrd there work. This is our finished logo design we are aiming for a large company so that we can show our film to many people. This will make more peope know about us and who we are. Who would be the audience for your media product? This is a mood board of what type of people would watch the sequence. The types of people that would watch the sequence would be people who are
of ages of older teenagers from aged 17-35 this would be range of ages that would
watch this sequence, this is because people who are older would may not like this
poeple who are younger would not understand it maybe. They would listen to RnB
music and like sports and eat mostly unhealthy food. They would be young. My thoery is that the audince is going to like the sequence and they will be young in their age and like many other things young people like. How did you attract/address your audience? What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing
this product? I have used many different programmes such as camtasia, this taught me how to
record programmmes and presenations. I also used livetype for more editing, and imovie for our editing that we did for the bulk of the sequence. I also used garageband which i used to make the sound in the sequence. I also used blogspot, to write down all the research and everything we had done. I also used a lot of equiptment like the camera and tripod, so that we could film. All of these technolgies were useful. Livetype helped to add titles and edit more of the sequence. Imovie allowed us to edit the sequence. Garageband allowed us to make the sound and music. Blogspot allowed me to make my blogs and write about what i was doing. Scribd allowed em to put documents onto my blog. Looking back at you peliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? In the first shot we see a close-up of the plans and the freemasonry sign. It has been edtited because you can see the titles are present. The second shot shows the title, this has been edited because you see the title. The third shot shows a extreme close-up of the senator and this has been edited in to zoom into his face. The 4th shot is of the terrroist, it is a close-up of her to see her faial expression. The last shot is a long shot of the setting to fade the camera out and to end the sequence. Match on action was used for when the radio was turned on and we showed the camera.
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