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5 Most Important Rights And Freedoms

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Jessica Feenstra

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of 5 Most Important Rights And Freedoms

Freedom Of Expression
I think freedom of expression is a very important right because everybody especially young adults sometimes don’t like it when people share their ideas. I think that every young adult should have the right to think what they like and share their ideas.
I think that this is an important right because I find a lot of young adults get blamed for committing a crime or taking things that they didn't really take or do. I also think that people should always have physical solid evidence before blaming someone.
The Right To Education
Freedom of Thought
Freedom of thought includes freedom of belief, conscience, and religion. We have the right as free moral agents to decide what’s right and wrong, within the principles of justice, and the freedom to choose our religion and belief, and to demonstrate it in public or private, as well as the freedom not to belong to one religion or belief. I believe that this right is important as a young person because what we believe shapes who we are, and some of us are still figuring that out, and without the freedom to change and choose our beliefs, conscience and religion, we wouldn’t be able to grow as individuals, and we would be like robots, programmed to fit into one manual.
Five Most Important Rights And Freedoms
The right to education promotes the right for everyone to have an education, and opens the way for youths to have free and compulsory elementary education. Parents have a right to choose what type of education their children will have, and the education provided by the government nurtures respect and understanding of the fundamentals of human rights and freedoms, as well as positive personal growth. I think that this right is important for youths because it gives us the chance to develop positive skills that help us in all areas of life, it provides an environment that can help us to learn how to deal with others while still respecting human rights and freedoms, and it gives us a strong base for knowledge, which places in our hands power to take advantage of opportunities later.

No Torture
No torture means that no one should have to go through cruel or degrading treatment, even punishment. This right is important as young people because, we are more vulnerable in a sense, to adults, and we are limited in our knowledge and experience, and some people would like to take advantage of that. This right is important because it reaffirms our dignity as human beings and protects us from being taken advantage of.
We're Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty
No two zebras have the same stripes
The Big Picture
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