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click open at the bottom guys! :)

Angel Lett

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of E-community

Religious communities One of the most sacred things in our country is religion. It is a lifestyle A lot of people live. E-Harmony Dating site.. Setting up a profile on E-harmony allows you
to set up an account and meet someone who
you could be with for the rest of your life. (however long that may be) Pro- Allows you to meet legitamit people
helps you choose who want to be with Con- People may not be who they say
you have to pay to find love. Chemistry Pros: you can take informitive tests to describe your personality and Deems got 32 matches on his in the past 2 days.

Cons: you dont get to see the person face to face, and people can also misrepresent themselvs through the internet. fomal: Gotta watch what you say!
-you dont know these people,
dont want to ruin your chances.
Matches people by a group of personal questions that the site asks when you sign up. 1.) 2.) You choice from your matches. 3.) Decide if you would like to meet and have Drinks. (meet at an open location first) The Cycle 4.) Decide if you would like to see eachother again on a "real" date. Match.com
The steps to match:
1. make an account
2. select your gender and age group of people you are looking for
3. excellent your accuont is ready
4. upload pictures and select the little extras
5. begin meeting people Match.com is a great way of meeting new people in
ones area, but it has its downfalls:
1. it lacks information
2. it doesn't give you the personal experience of
meeting new people in a face to face manner
3. you never know if a person is being honest
because it lacks the face to face contact
4. it is very informal because if you don't want to you
don't have to meet the person face to face
5. i believe it is very unorganized in finding matches MAtch.com is regulated by a committee of people who scan the site every so often to match people to their most compatiable source. Compared to the real world,
match.com is very fake in the sense
that you don't get to really figure out
who a person is through the computer. theh purpose of this e-community is to make "matches" for people to get to know each other and eventually, hopefully to make a connection to last a lifetime. Whats it like?? -speed dating restaraunts
-telephone bars (once bitten) Affects on socialization E-communitites like this contribute to socialization in both a positive and negitive way. The positive effects of Chemisty.com are that it helps busy single adults find people with common intrests the negitive effects it has is that even though they ask you many questions they are mostly mutiple choice which limits creativity and most often people misrepresent themselvs through their profiles. 5 steps and 180 questions later There are 5 steps to set up y0ur chemisty profile first you must add your name and email addreess
and create a password, step number two is anwsering some multiple choice questions, step
number three is taking the visual companion test, step number four is uploading pictures
and step number five is filling out the match survey. So the internet is another place for people to worship god and practice their religion. on Christianforums.com, people log on to talk about their churches, theologies, beliefs, and many other things. The website also has A "relaxation" section where you can play christian games, make new friends, talk about books and movies, discuss music, and even hear some very clean, christian jokes. One part of the website is called "Recovery".This section of the website A place for peole to talk about their mental,physical, and emotional struggles. these struggles can be anything like alcohol abuse, crime victims, menatl conditions, or depression. This site is A safe place for christians to discuss their ideas and find god through the internet. The best part of having A site like this is that it is A safe place for people to escape to.This is one of the most positive and safest communities on the web.
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