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No description

james ridd

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Interview

A 2-year Action Plan for Raising Performance within the Science Department at Cynffig Comprehensive Start Cynffig Science departments
I dream big... In the Last Year Looking
ahead It's a Journey..... A BIG JOURNEY New SOW
at KS3 Skills and Literacy embedded Diverse and enjoyable
learning experience Consistency in teaching Robust Assessment HANDBOOK What we endeavour to achieve as a department

The standards that we expect of our staff and students The prceedures and systems

A reference point for all TRACKING Discipline for
Learning MANAGEMENT OF BTEC Mixed ability classes in lower to middle bands
Extra classes to meet deadlines
Accreditation gained Book monitoring
departmental review
pupil voice
lesson obs
sharing good practice

secure knowledge of levels, skills and progress GROUPS OF LEARNERS


Big picture
Ladders to learning
progress AFL

Diagnostic Marking
Targets set
Success criteria
Traffic lighting TEACHING AND
LEARNING Outcomes 2012-2013 Targets from APR

Levels improved at KS3. Students on track for very good outcomes at level 5, 6 and 7.

L2 passes are predicted to be in line with family and LA figures.

Predictive data from both key stages indicates no significant gender differences for this academic year. Staffing NQT? 2nd in Department Room
allocation Curriculum Planning

Responding to changes in KS4
and KS5

Securing level 1 passes in Science Looking further
ahead Continue to set targets in response to and in anticipation of APR

Utilise self Evaluation to compare with family, LA etc.

Set targets for improvement that are in line with schools Improvement Plan KS4 Improving
GCSE Improving
BTEC Improving
both Getting the right course
Top set options at KS3
Staffing at KS3
GCSE Astronomy Staffing at KS3
KS3 SOW transferring skills
STEM and other agencies Time allocation STEM and other agencies Learning pathways at KS3 Starting early Moderation KS5 Which will result in reviewing
monitoring and
tracking The best outcomes against school comparisons such as school family and LA.

Sector leading practice in the delivery of skills.

A rich, diverse and challenging learning experience from years 7 to 13.

For Cynffig students to compete and represent the school in national competitions and win

To endeavor to cater to the needs of all groups of learners. Centralized for all key stages on Network
All staff have access to all data TIMELINE Analysis of Review
curriculum planning for Sep June 13 Dec 13 Standards in teaching and learning
Revision of SOW Sep 13 End of Key stage final investigation
National Science and engineering activity week
Discuss Merit/distinction work for BTEC and moderate
Start GCSE/BTEC with KS3 classes Feb 14 Revisit teaching and learning with focus on improvement made May 14 Reflection and development of SOW
KS3 fully differentiated June 14 Best departmental
results ever!

KS4 SOW begin Work on Additional Science SOW Sep 14 Reflection and development of SOW
Curriculum planning for BTEC changes Jan 15 Thanks for Listening
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