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No description

Cierra Adams- Ingram

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Vaccinations

-Chicken pox Vaccine
-Hepatitis Vaccine
-Tetanus Vaccine
- Measel Vaccine
- Mumps Vaccine
- Tuberculousis Vaccine
Interviewee #1 Interviewee #2 Interviewee #3 Interviewee #4 Start What are Vaccines/ Vaccinations? - Mumps Vaccine
- Hepatitis Vaccine
- Tetanus Vaccine
- Tuberculosis Vaccine
- ect... My Dede - Measel Vaccine
-Mumps Vaccine
-Tetanus Vaccine
-Chicken pox Vaccine
-TB Vaccine
-ect... Vaccinations by : Cierra Adams- Ingram FISHY!!!!! Treyvon My Mommy -Measal Vaccine
-Mumps Vaccine
-Diptheria Vaccine
- Polio was only given to children on a sugar cube.
- And the doctors checked for TB. He also described it being painful and he had some bruising after wards. My mom had received her shots on a military base in Kodiak, Alaska. The shots had left a mark on her right arm in a shape of a dot. My grandmother said she can still remember how agonizing the pain was because she was flailing and kicking around. But after wards she was sucking on a cube of sugar that was intended to prevent polio. Till this day there is a mark that looks like some one had cut off her skin. My Daddy My daddy lived in Nueva Rosita, Mexico when he received his shots. He recalls it being normal like any other doctor visit here in America. Vaccinations are used to help prevent deadly diseases before they are contracted. An English physician, Edward Janner who discovered vaccinations, particularly the chicken pox vaccine, introduced the world to a more healthier life.
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