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What is Global Perspectives?

No description

Global Perspective

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of What is Global Perspectives?

What is Global Perspective?
What is Global Perspectives?
What do we know about Global Perspectives?
It's about......
* The World
*Different people in different countries
*What's happening around the world
*Relating to the past
*A mixture of every subject
*Challenging your mind (encourages critical thinking)
What we want to find out!
*How can it help us in the future?
*What's going in the world?
*What will students gain?
* How is Global Perspectives
What reminds me of GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE?
Geography, History, Earth, Culture, People, Countries
Similar Ideas
Quest strategy
*The Library
*The Internet
*Knowledge from other people
*Newspaper/ Magazines
*Museums/ Historical Places
*Art: Do a lot of sketching & drawings
*ICT: To carry out research
*Geography: It's about the world
*History: Relate the past to the future
Global Perspective is a mixture of all the subjects. In global perspective, we want to know about what is going on around in the world right now!
* Global Perspective is helpful in the future because us students will gain a sense of their own active place in the world and cope with changes that will impact on their life chances and life choices.

*Students will have opportunities to acquire and apply a range of skills, including:
• gathering, synthesising and communicating information with others from another culture, community or country, letting them develop an independence of thoughts.
• collaborating with others to achieve a common outcome
• analysing and evaluating planning, processes and outcomes
• developing and justifying a line of reasoning

*Belief System
*Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loss
*Climate change
*Conflict and Peace
*Disease and Health
*Education For All
* Employment
*Family and Demographic change
*Fuel and Energy
*Humans and other species
*Language and communication
*Law and criminality
*Poverty and Inequality
*Sports and Recreation
*Technology and Economic Divide
*Tradition, culture and identity
*Transport and infrastructure
*Water, Food and Agriculture

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