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First Ward Binghamton

Research methods and processes for Binghamton

silvano d

on 5 March 2010

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Transcript of First Ward Binghamton

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physical decline (i.e. deterioriation, abandonment)

disrupted social fabric & insterstitial spaces
(violent, insecure or just unpleasant)
Locating the Rust

historical, cultural and socioeconomic context
everyday life perspective, citizens

quotidian narratives
counter-narratives or alternative to the official ones.
Spatializing the rust
Locating the rust in time
Locating the Green
Spatializing the Green
Identify potentialities. Spatialize places that people frequent or used to frequent in the past. The intention of this is to find places that are loaded with historical memories and spatial resistances. Find reapropiation of abandoned, private places through everyday practices (from physical occupancy to graffiti, skateboarding, etc.)
Locating the
green in time
Identify places that are valued for their environmental condition. Places where the weather is slightly better, better sense of security, community and attachment. Also places that are valued for its natural beauty (forest, rivershore, etc.)
Key Informants
people who understand the context of this part of the city
community leaders or people that
have certain knowledge of the place (or even attachment)
such as priest, parishoners, elder people and
business owners.
Identification of “key places”
To spatialize the socioeconomic dynamics of the district it
will be important to identify places that work as social nodes
for the several sectors of the population.
Churches, old people’s houses, schools, etc. are the most
obvious ones, but bars, cafes, parks will also be identified.
Key Places
Binghamton, NY
Space and time
Finding about the narratives will give us a perspective of the how, when and where the decline of the city started and has intensified.
The route we have chosen goes from the river shore and the car and pedestrian bridge to a vacant lot located between retail stores, the cementery and a small forest.
The idea is to joint this places by a walk along Main St. We think these two destinations will give us a representative view of the First Ward of Binghamton. We want to identify places that have an important role as connectors of the social and cultural dynamics of the city (like Main St.) and places that show the decline of the city too, like the interstitial places that are found in the back of retail stores, railroad tracks, parking lots and abandoned buildings.
Description of the route
Participatory observation
material observation
social interaction
First Ward
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