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Josef Mengele

No description

Jessi Platz

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele.... The angel of Death
1911-1979 He became the medical officer of Auschwitz and he was incharge of deciding who would stay and be used for work or experiments and who would be sent to the gas chambers.
He wanted to unlock the key to genetics and reveale the source of human deformitys and imperfections. He was exspecially intrested in the study of twins
Blood transfusions form on twin to the other
he would sew them together
incolation enduance
He would do autopsys when they died from his expeiments. He is infumous for his "medical'' experiments on humans:
Placing them in pressure chamber
Drug testing
Freezing them to death
Trying to change there eye color with chemicals
Sex changes
Surgery and castration with out any using anesthesia
They would inject Chlolrform into there hearts
Disection of live infents
High voltage electrical shocks

Prisoners of Auschwitz were usually with out any Clothing and severly starved He was aso very interested in prisoners who had physical abmormalties such as dwarfts.

Ovitz family He we to school at the univesity of Munich and became the assistant of Dr. Otmar von Verschuer who was a leading sientific figure know for his reaserch in twins. Latter he joined the ss protection squadron then he was drafted into the army and was injured then he went to go work at Aschwitz After Aschwitz
After the soviet union andvanced throught western Poland Josef feld Aschwitz. During the immidiate post war he had found him self U.S. custody but was quickly released. Under false paper he had worked as a farm hand. Then He moved to Brazil until he sufferd for a stroke. A family friend have finally helped the German Police locate his gave which was under a false name. Josef has escaped his captors for 34 years. http://www.auschwitz.dk/mengele/id17.htm




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