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CCSC's Business Model Canvas

A project for Strategic Quality Planning subject on Organizational Quality Management Program at Algonquin College, Ottawa - Ontario. Canada

E. Tovar

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of CCSC's Business Model Canvas

Eumar Tovar


Strategic Quality Planning
To relieve loneliness and isolation of frail elderly people in home retirements, living alone or having limited support from family
To relieve stress of families of co-creators
Delivered by CCSC's activities such as planning, executing and controlling parties and gathering events /actions
Personal Interaction,
Communities creation
and Friendship formation
between Volunteers and Co-creators
Targeting a broader range of customers-type (Stakeholders)
Funding and donations from volunteers, co-creators and supporters properly delivered to co-creators
Social media creating awareness about goals and services of CCSC
People helping us delivering and marketing our activities
Volunteers in need of improving their communication skills
Other activists or NGO's
Supporters and Fundraisers
Office and spaces donated by YMCA Ottawa
Volunteers' vehicles to deliver co-creators to/from parties/events
Media representation in local ads
Resources obtained from Supporters and Co-creators
Human Resources
Creating a profound difference to co-creators' lives, making them feel less lonely, more confident, part of their local communities again, seeing doctor less, and making new friends with the volunteers and with other guests.
Increasing supporters donations by impact campaigns
Private Foundations / Corporations
Ministry of Health
Additional support from:
Local Hospitals
Local Medical Institutions
Local Community Media:
TV, Radio, Newspaper & Websites
Variable costs:
Direct Labor (gas for vehicles, venue decoration, musicians/artists, food) Direct Labor
Direct Materials
Fixed costs:
Hydro, internet and phone
Website Operations
Original Customer Survey:
Targeted Smart Phone Users
Survey Monkey: 90+ results
Personal: 15 interviews
Elderly people in home retirements, living alone or having limited support from family
Regular social parties / events / actions
Campaigns creating conscience about the problem
Direct engagement between volunteers and co-creators
Skills development for volunteers and co-creators
Companion Connection Senior Care
How many lives have you touched today?
Relations *
Co-Creators *
Value Streams: Outlays and costs *
Value Streams: Returns *
Problem Statement
By 2030, 80+ yrs people doubled in Canada (Cracknell, 2010). This leaves a big challenge to face with
1 in 5 elderly people don’t see anyone for a whole week at a time (Census 2010) and around 10% of older people feel lonely often or always (Victor & Others, 2009).
Severe loneliness has been shown to affect physical and mental health, leading to heart conditions, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.
Solution Statement
Alleviate severe loneliness among isolated, older people, aged 75 and above, by organizing free, regular Sunday afternoon parties for small groups of elderly people.
Parties will change elder's lives: making them feel less lonely, more confident, part of their local communities again, seeing their doctor less, and making new friends with the volunteers and with others
Strategy Statement
CCSC's Big Hairy Audacious Goal
"Attending to all elderly population (over 70) of Ontario, Canada helping them to fight their loneliness through our social events by 2030"
Weak: There are only a few Partners that offer this particular input to elderly people.
Weak: Our parties are designed to entertain an alleviate an bunch of issues for free.
Weak: Co-creators collaboration with others NGO's provides attractive win-win opportunities.
Thank you
for your attention
"Never let their light escape to the dark nothingness of oblivion"
Strong: Co-creators are growing rapidly. Other NGO's wouldn't work with the same program as CCSC
Competitive pressure in this market are weak. Offensive actions would be focused on improving the help's features and performances' results
Q & A
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