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Taran Swan Case Study

Group #3

Tyler Williams

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Taran Swan Case Study

Taran Swan at
Group #3
Damian Gallagher
Justin Bergman
Mark Riker
Kevin Boyle
Tyler Williams
Ryan Shuler
Taylor Sansbury

Latin America Business Case
Problem Statement
Taran Swan, general manager of Nickelodeon, South America, has to leave because of pregnancy complications,
The Problem
The Backing
The Constraints/Source
The Solution
If a new leader is appointed, there could be a disconnect between leadership styles which will affect the success of the team;
which will be problematic for her team because of her prior high-involvement management style.
however we choose to appoint an interim leader that displays similar leadership qualities to continue business as usual, despite Swan’s absence.
Culture at Nickelodeon Latin America
Swan's Approach
How Selection Process Fostered Independent Culture
Culture Struggles as Company Grew
How did Swan go about building that culture?

Hiring the right people
It’s all about “TEAM”
Everyone is equal

Leadership Style of Taran Swan

Strongly encourages open lines of communication
Was active in every aspect of her team and expected her team to be the same way
Wants everyone to work on projects collectively rather than individually
Held employees accountable for whatever they said in interviews and meetings
Main goal is to achieve successful numbers and results
The Culture That Was Created From Her Leadership
Employees from all different fields bounce ideas off of one another
Self-driven workers who hold themselves responsible
Creative and strategic thinkers who can find a solution to any problem that is faced
A comfortable work atmosphere where people are not afraid to throw out ideas and critique one another

Final Decision
Swan exemplified her attitude towards work and the office environment
Built independent/focus-driven branch of Nickelodeon Latin America
Took same approach her employees took with her, “you dig your own grave”
Swan was always available
Did her best to assist
In the end, “held to your claims”
Fostered individuality

Communication systems
Sense of responsibility among workers
Different guidelines
Focus groups
High energy work culture
Company > Self
Should Taran Swan assign an interim director in her absence?
Actively sought Stephen Greider’s “creative genius”
Efficient use of resources
Challenges Swan Faced
Economy in South America
Maintaining energy and integrity
Staying connected with employees
Actions She Took
Devised a plan in advance
Held bi-monthly meetings
Hired Ray Del Valle as the head finance officer for Nickelodeon
Thank You
VI. Final Decisions
I. The Issue
II. Nickelodeon's Organizational Culture
a. How Swan Created Culture
III. Swan's Leadership Style
a. Leadership Style's Effect on Culture
IV. Challenges
V. Actions
Pregnancy complications
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