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Activities for Teaching English in four skills (reading, spe

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laura acuña

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Activities for Teaching English in four skills (reading, spe

Activities for Teaching English in four skills (reading, speaking, writing and listening)
Before starting the activities, it is important to keep in mind that reading and writing should be taught in tandem.  
In a tab that has the basic clothing of both the child and the child below each having the name, then the child will repeat with the teacher as is seeing the garment, and then do alone.
  Put the child to listen to a short and enjoyable read clothing invented by Professor in Spanish, and then repeat with the teacher in English so that the child will understand and assimilate the information.
t is very important to listen in English, many believe that it is important to read, but I hear that when we can understand. Eg The way we learned the Spanish language was by listening to our parents and so we evolved then a little song to teach our students.
As the child is listening, he will see you analyzing and pronouncing wing, learning to discern this language. The teacher can put flashy clothes and that children are uttering the clothing after the garment has mentioned.
When we are writing our eyes and our ears are attentive and fast to understand starting to build vocabulary, the idea is that children reach consistent split Foema write this, there are some cards that could help us.
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