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Honors Science+

Guadalupe Meza

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Archimedes

Background photo by t.shigesa
Early Life
Son of Phidias (astronomer)
He received his education in Egypt.
Besides math and science his other major interests included: poetry, politics, astronomy, music, art and military tactics
Archimedes was born in 287 BC in Syracuse, Sicily(which is now Italy).
One of Archimedes famous invention
was the screw pump, it used a screw to lift water from one place to another.
Screw Pump
Archimedes’ Principle
If the weight of the water displaced is less than the weight of the object, the object will sink

Otherwise the object will float, with the weight of the water displaced equal to the weight of the object
There are three other version besides this one of how Archemdies life was ended. One of them is that he was caught of guard and then killed by a soldier who didn’t realize who he was.
Archimedes in 212 BC `in Syracuse, Sicily(which it is now Italy).
Archimedes Death
Its said that Archimedes was working alone on a problem and that he didn’t notice the angry soldiers who were going through the city. A Roman soldier found him and ordered him to follow him. Archimedes said no until he finished his problem and the soldier got angry and killed him.
Archimedes 1st First Version of Death
The soldier comes upon Archimedes with a “drawn sword” and threatens to kill him. Archimedes asked him if he could let him finish his work first. The soldier refuses and kills Archimedes at once.
2nd Version of Death
The last version is a little different . They say that Archimedes was on his way to a confer with Marcellus carrying a box with fable mathematical and optical instrument when a group of soldiers saw him with the box and thought it was full with gold.
3rd Version of Death
I chose Archimedes not only because I was interested on knowing how people carried water from place to place but also because he seemed interesting and I wanted to learn more about his inventions.
Why I Chose Archimedes
Questions I'd Ask
Why did you like math,out of all the subjects?
Why did you go all the way to Egypt to receive your education?
His greatest contribution was in geometry.
He improved the rock-throwing catapults, grappling hooks, and lenses-or mirror that could reflect the suns rays and could get the ships on fire for the war.
He also did a miniature planetarium, a sphere which motions imitated the earth, sun, moon, and the five planets that were known to exist back then.
Pictures of some of his Inventions
Interesting Information
One of his methods was the method of exhaustion. It calculating an area and it estimated the areas of sequence of polygons.
He also showed that he could accurately estimate the π and also the square roots.
His most famous principle was the Archimedes Principe. It stated that a body submerged in some fluid acts upon it in a upward force which is the same to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body.
It is not known if he ever got married or had children after one of his friends,Heracleides lost all the biography he had done of Archimedes.
It is also said that Archimedes was taking a bath in public when suddenly he discovered that the deeper he went in the tub and the amount of water discharged was the amount of his body that was submerged. He got so excited that he ran totally naked all the way to his house sreaming Eureka! (Eureka-I have found it)
Archimedes was a Greek Mathematician
The End
Did his Inventions Help or Affect the World
His inventions changed the world because without the ships we wouldn't be able to ship military cargo and the cruise ships.
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