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A Library for the Future

No description

Chris Hopkins

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of A Library for the Future

How can we make our library a better learning space? Brainstorming Time to purchase... Assembly Promotion Purpose & Audience Promoting project through online presence Our ideas wall -
for the whole school to see...

Our design team added their
ideas, researched online and
contributed ideas Growing A Library for the Future Small design group visit to IKEA Students join in to assemble the furniture Promoting the new library
through literacy lessons with
year 1 - multimodal texts Inspired by the work of this man: Drab Boring Dull Uncomfortable Inflexible Teacher-oriented One-size-fits-all Don't ask me?
What did the students think? Consultation with the main stakeholders: THE STUDENTS Creation of a library design team STEPHEN HEPPELL Follow him on Twitter:
@stephenheppell Website:
heppell.net Student ownership over their
own learning space http://www.heppell.net/bva/bva3/greycourt.htm Fundraising through social media - Pozible Surveying students and staff through Survey Monkey Working with a real budget Fundraising through Book Fair Whole school focus Follow us: @hppslakemba @mischievous78 youtube.com/channelhppslakemba Student Feedback What did they think of the changes? Finished Flexible Colourful 21c technology student-oriented Comfortable Withdrawal &
small group spaces Brainstorming areas Creating a quality
learning environment
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