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Retailing and Its Benefits

No description

Jen Riddlebarger

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Retailing and Its Benefits

1.2 Retailing and Its Benefits

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Nature of Retailing
offers convenience and variety
strives to make products available to the right customers at the right time and place
Career Areas of Retailing
While the previous figure outlined everyday tasks that a retailer must complete, there are also many career paths people may choose in the retailing field:
So how do retailers do this?
Well, who is included in these channels of distribution, you ask?

Well, hop in and I'll tell you!*
*Note: You should never accept rides from strangers (luckily, I'm not one). Life lesson. But I digress...
Hey ladies! I'm sorry I can't be in class today - I'm down the street at the EDC for a district Olweus meeting. This little presentation is over 1.2 in your books. When you finish viewing my masterpiece, please complete the review questions #1-8 on page 24 and turn them in to the tray. Remember, your test is THURSDAY!

I'll be back at LTHS this afternoon if you have any questions (or if you just miss me too terribly). Have a good day and I'll see you Thursday!
Channel of distribution:
the PATH a product takes from where it is made to the final customer.
LOL, this guy...
The business that makes or produces the goods for sale (also called a factory).

Then, they may be purchased by a.....
A business that buys large quantities of merchandise and then resells it in smaller quantities to a....
(Shipping in progress)
The retailer sells the products to the final consumers (aka YOU*!)
* Yes, I know this isn't really YOU, but had I chosen to include an actual picture of YOU, it would have been a) creepy, and b) in violation of FERPA. Not going there.

Let's move on!
There are a few types of channels that we are going to look at in this class.
Direct Channel:
the path leads directly
from manufacturer to the
final consumer.
Ex: Avon, Dell.com
So the products go from
To Here.
Indirect channel:
The path follows more than one step.

For example: manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, consumer

So from...
To Here
To Here
The Players:
Channels of Distribution
Producer Channel:
variation of the INDIRECT channel, the manufacturer also OWNS the retail stores in which its product sells.

Ex: Levi Stores (manufacturer to own retail store to final customer)
And finally...
Here's a blurry snapshot of Figure 1.1 on page 13
Yeah, I used my iPad to take that
Ok, what's with this guy chillin' over here by himself? Shady...

Retailers are always looking for ways to better benefit their customers. The next figure demonstrates how using different retailing channels is good business.
For a little joke:
What is brown and sticky?
A Stick, duh.
Why, what were YOU thinking?

Retailing Benefits Customers by:
providing variety
offering services
opening in convenient locations and at convenient times
offering competitive pricing
Benefits the Community by:
providing jobs
supporting community activities (i.e. schools and charities)
Sponsoring organizations like Special Olympics or Little League teams
Benefits the economy by:
generating income to spend on businesses in the community
contributing also to the national economy
Hey Ladies!
One of the great things about Retailing and E-tailing (and Marketing in general) is there are SO MANY different jobs and tasks in this field. The next figure is a diagram that lists just a handful of these tasks.
(I don't know how or why she got up there either.)
See pp.
for brief descriptions
of each.

Marketing and Advertising
Store Operations
Loss Prevention
Store Management
Human Resources
IT and Commerce
Distribution, Logistics, and Supply-Chain Management
Merchandise Planning and Buying

Again, make sure you read over the descriptions of each career on pp. 18-20!
Alrighty, that takes us through the end of the chapter. Please each one of you send me a quick e-mail at riddlebargerj@ltisdschools.org to let me know that you viewed this entire presentation and include three facts from it.
Don't forget your review assignment (see beginning of Prezi) and your test next class period!
And Finally....
My niece
says hi!
(well, she would if she could talk.)
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