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Welcome to MacEwan University: Student Orientation

Technology support orientation and information for new and returning students.

Jason Malenko

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to MacEwan University: Student Orientation

The Login Page
Technology Support Fall Orientation
What you need to know
Getting onto the Network
Your MacEwan Network ID
Your credentials will get you on to most of the services you'll need during your studies.
Your MacEwan Password
You need to change your password every 90 days (you'll be notified in advance by email when you do).

Your Mobile Device
The Technology Support desk will make every effort to get your device on the network (regardless of make and model).
Getting & Staying Connected
Where To Go On Your Device
If you forget your password you can select "Forgot Password" on myPortal.MacEwan.ca
Welcome to the Portal
It's brand new. myPortal.MacEwan.ca will be your home of operations during your studies.
Navigating the Portal
myPortal features fast navigation, easy access, and single sign on to get you where you need to be with as few clicks as possible.
Important Messages
Other Portal Services
Returning students can use the portal to migrate old emails to Gmail
System outages and scheduled maintenance notifications will be displayed on the login page.
Blackboard CE8 & Learn
What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is a virtual learning environment that allows teachers to post course content (including announcements, notes, articles, and exams) and allows you to
communicate with your
teacher and classmates

CE 8 & Learn
Chat: Talk in realtime with your teacher and other students
Accessing Blackboard
Useful Tools
Before You Start
Gmail & Google Apps
Gmail: Email
All students are going live with Gmail this fall. So what does that mean exactly?
Google Drive
Personal & Professional
You can run your personal Gmail account and MacEwan Gmail account at the same time on the same browser.
Google Calendar
Students can organize their home, school and work life with Google Calendar.
Where to go for Help
There's a lot of information out there. Finding it is another matter. Thankfully we have Google for that. Visit our site to get started:
Other Google Services
Not all Google Services are available at MacEwan and will require the use of a personal account.
Lynda.com training
Your Tutor 24 / 7
Lynda.com is a free online training resource featuring thousands of videos.
Using lynda.com - It's that easy
Like other MacEwan applications, Lynda.com is most easily accessed through the Portal.
Your Membership Plan
All faculty, staff and students at MacEwan have full (free) access to lynda.com as an Annual Premium member.
There's an App for That
If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then Lynda.com has an app you can download.
Printing: How & Where
Network Printing FYI
Printing at MacEwan works over the network.
Everyone at MacEwan can manage their personal printing accounts at: printing.MacEwan.ca
Printing from your Device
If you want to print from your own laptop you can navigate to: admin-printers.MacEwan.ca and install your own print drivers.
Printing from your Phone
You can use printing.MacEwan.ca to print to our network printers from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Cost, Locations and Service
Printers are available throughout MacEwan in the library, labs and administrative areas.
Other Important "stuff"
Borrowing Equipment
Library Computers
What kind of device do you have?
What else do you need to know?
Need to get it down on paper?
You are online. So now what?
A link will be sent to your alternate email address (the one you originally setup for correspondence with the university)
Getting on the network


Gmail & Google Apps

Blackboard CE8 & Learn

Lynda.com training

Printing, how & where

Other important “stuff”
Some older devices don't support WPA2 wireless encryption and won't connect but most modern smartphones and laptops do.
After connecting to our open network 'HowToConnectToMacEwanSecure' visit MacEwanSecure Wireless for device specific info.
Your password needs to be reset every 90 days so you'll need to update your phone, laptop and tablet at the same time.

But first...
Thank you for
joining us today!
But first...
Passwords are case sensitive
Must be at least 7 characters long
Must include at least 1 number
Cannot use a previous password
From here you can access most of your web applications including Gmail, Blackboard, myStudentSystem, Printing, and more.
The LaunchPad

Opens applications in a new tab without needing to re-enter your password.
Explore the Portal

Everything is organized to be easy to find and quick to open.
Be sure to check regularly for important university wide outages that might affect you.
You can find exam schedules, add and drop classes, make payments and more
Integrated library search for finding materials and booking services
These services include:
Youtube uploading
30GB of storage space (combined with Google Drive)
A new email account at MacEwan:
Huge attachment sizes (up to 10GB)
Smart inbox with easy archiving
Mobile (works on most smartphones and tablets)
Some topics include:
Business, Photography, Web Design, Music Production and more.
Just click on the Lynda.com link on the LaunchPad, and you'll be in and ready to learn.
No sign-up or registration is required.
Just watch and learn.
Enjoy more than 100, 000 tutorials
24/7 access
Downloadable exercise files
When you open the app you will need to select Web Portal Access and enter www.MacEwan.ca to login.
There is also full browser support for Android devices at: m.Lynda.com
All library and lab computers are setup to print, but it's also possible to print from your own device.
Printing speed will vary depending on job size, network speed and jobs in the queue.
If your assignment is due at 8:00am don't start printing it at 7:55am.
Here you can keep track of your balance, job history, documents ready to print and more
This is applicable to library printers as well as some lab printers that you may use in your program of study.
Just choose 'web print' then submit a job. This is mainly for Microsoft Office documents, but images can also be submitted as a PDF.
For a list of costs and features log in to the Portal and see the 'Tech Support' tab.
Google Calendar lets you create reminders, events and share your schedule with your classmates.
To get started just click your name or email address at the top of the page, then select 'Add Account' from the drop-down menu.
When adding your MacEwan account this way, leave your password field blank.
With Google Drive you can upload photos, videos, documents and other files that are important to you.
MacEwan currently uses both Blackboard CE8 and Learn. CE8 is being phased out and the new Blackboard Learn will be used exclusively next year.

You can access Blackboard through myPortal.MacEwan.ca, either through the the LaunchPad, or by clicking 'Blackboard' on the menu.

Once the class begins, it will be listed under either Blackboard Learn, CE8, or eCampusAlberta. You will not be able to see the class before its start date.
Install the latest version of Java
access grades and transcripts
You can borrow laptops, iPads, camcorders, and other devices from the circulation desk in your campus library.
Every student has access to use our desktop computers in the library of each campus.
access it through myPortal.MacEwan.ca.
Let's see what our staff are up to...
1 in 5 smartphones sold are an iPhone
3/4's of all smartphones sold are running Android
1 in 10 PC's sold in North America is a Mac
I have a calculator...
Windows Phone...
Google Drive and doc creation is available to all staff, students, and faculty at MacEwan
Google Drive acts as a dropbox (Dropbox, Skydrive, Box, and Amazon Cloud Drive)
30GB of Storage with a near unlimited capacity for Google Docs
Many instructors still use Blackboard CE8 for online course content, so if your courses does not appear in Blackboard Learn, check to see if it is on CE8.
Discussions: Create and reply to threads on a discussion board
Mail: Send mail to classmates and teachers directly through Blackboard
Mobile Learn: Get notifications about new course content on your mobile device (BB Learn only)
Ensure your popup blocker is turned off, or set to allow popups on the Blackboard site.

Make sure you are using a compatible browser. We recommend Firefox or Google Chrome

If you need assistance, tech support will be happy to help
manage your financial information

control your personal information

enroll in courses and manage your schedule

get important notices, deadlines, to-dos and more!
"For security and to ensure our computers keep running the best they can for our students, these computers are returned to their original state as soon as you log off. This means anything you save to the computer will no longer be there once you log off. It is important to immediately save your work to Google Drive, your MacEwan personal drive (M drive), a usb flash drive, or other means of personal storage. This will prevent you losing your work in the event of a power outage or mistake." - ITS
Tech support will not be able to recover any files you
have lost by logging out of the computer.
Find Us,
Follow Us
The Technology Support Desk
Fall / Winter Term

Monday – Thursday
7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Email: techsupport@macewan.ca
Phone: 497-HELP (4357)
In Person: 6-209, Library, CCC
Hours of Operation
Contact Information
This includes logging onto the wireless network, myPortal, Gmail, Lynda.com and Blackboard.
Your MacEwan network ID is assigned after applying and is typically listed as:

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter!
The Landing Page
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