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Traning & Development

Presentation 3

dhiya fathan

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Traning & Development

GROUP 2 Mohd Noor Adzfar Bin Md Kamsani 1071120502
Khairul Fizree Bin Abd Aziz 1091104299
Dhiya Fathan Bin Hassan 1041106804
Kamarul Nizzam Fadzly Bin Noh 1091106029
Muhammad Nabil Bin Nordin 1091105396
Atikah Abdullah Hasnan 1051109777 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT BTD3114 Lecturer : INTAN SORAYA BINTI ROSDI Presentation on Chapter 8 Date: 18.12.2012 Scene 1 Scene 2
Synchronous exchange of audio, video, and/or text between two or more individuals or groups at two or more locations. Teleconferencing : New training delivery and instructional method:

•Online Learning (e-learning)

•Distance Learning

•Electronic Support Systems Benefits:

Students become more creative as they can access lots of information through the internet.

Gain confidence level and writing skills as they can read and make comparison about their writing with others.

Costs saving as students don’t have to use and buy any papers to write.

Easy to carry tab along whenever they go. Disadvantages

•Must have internet connections.

•Not everyone can afford to buy tab.
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