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Recovery Road

No description

Destinee Jenkins

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Recovery Road

Blake Nelson Sources. Realistic Fiction
Young Adult Genre As Maddie goes through the process of rehab, we experience the many setbacks and obstacles she has to face during the experience. This really shows how hard quitting drugs and alcohol can be, and the impact you can have on yourself and others. Especially from seeing all of the deaths that occurred from using the drugs. Drugs and Alcohol
Overcoming Obstacles
Romantic Relationships
High School Nelson, Blake. Recovery Road. New York: .Scholastic, 2011. Print. Recovery Road Characters Setting Themes Plot Recommendations Madeline - Main Character/ Narrator, talks about her life after rehab.
Stewart - Madeline's boyfriend, rehab friend, and her push to stay clean, who gets back into drugs and doesn't talk to her anymore
Mom - Supporting character, keeps Madeline on the right track as much as possible, guides her through obstacles
Dad - Supporting character, keeps Madeline on the right track as much as possible, who helps her with her future schooling plan
Trish- Madeline's best friend, rehab friend who goes back to drugs and eventually dies from it.
Ashley - A fellow partier who gets intoxicated and kills herself and 4 others in a car crash.
Kirsten - Stewart's girlfriend, hangs out with Maddeline a little. At the beginning of the book, the setting is at Recovery Road at Spring Meadows Rehab. After Maddie is released from rehab the setting takes place in her hometown in places such as Evergreen High School and local stores around the area. I recommend this book to an understanding and love oriented person who has gone through or known someone to go through rehab. Madeline is having to start her junior year of high school in rehab. She was doing everything you could possibly think of from alcohol to drugs of all sorts. She partied all of the time, and was arrested constantly. Due to her drug problems, she began to have very violent anger problems, which made her parents send her straight to Spring Meadows Rehab on Recovery Road. There, she meets Trish who becomes her one and only friend, until Trish is released. Stewart, this shy, laid back, very calm person gets through his first period of rehab, meets Madeline on their Tuesday movie day. They talk a little bit, and eventually become lovers. After Maddie is released, she begins immediately to take care of Trish and keep her on the right track, while waiting for Stewart's release a month later. Maddie who is in love with Stewart plans on blowing off school and being with him, but is shocked when she realizes that is not exactly what Stewart wants. After Trish's horrifying death, she begins to focus on school and working her way towards being able to go to college. Until one day, Stewart out of surprise comes and asks Maddie to come live with him in a shack behind his dads place. When she denies her life practically turns for the worst. Her ex boyfriend moves back to Palestine with his new girlfriend Kirsten, he gets back with the wrong crowd. Maddie who obviously still has feelings for Stewart finds him with her old party friends wasted, and trys to take him back to rehab. When he refuses, she eventually gives up on finding him, and starts going back to the movies each tuesday hoping her lost lover will come and join her. Quote The lust is gone and now i just hold his arm and - when nobody's looking - lean against him and rest my head against his shoulder.

Page 63, last paragraph.
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