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National Curriculum

CI 204 Final Project

Heather Taake

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of National Curriculum

Initial Questions National Curriculum -What is it? -where is it used? -do teachers like it? -does it benefit students? how? What I Found Out Some important background information Debate begins in the US
(Barton, 2010) http://www2.ed.gov/pubs/NatAtRisk/index.html Federal vs. State control
-is there a middle ground? Who has it now? -Australia
-Germany (Abramson, 2007) (Abramson, 2007) (shepherd, 2007) (Garner, 2010) (Mason, 2010) Basic Arguments For
National Curriculum Against
National Curriculum PROS consistency college applications relocation (PBS online forum) entering workforce (PBS online forum) (Mason, 2010) States can still have a say -maybe....
-students who move from an "easy" curriculum to a "rigorous one"
(Detoit Free Press, 2010) Current initiative (Detroit Free Press, 2010) http://www.corestandards.org/Files/K12StandardsIntroduction.pdf international competition strong focus on math and language arts (Mason, 2010) who is "winning? (Abramson, 2007) (Joseph,2010) CONS States know their students' needs best different topics for different areas fear of "big government" interference (Abramson, 2007) (detroit Free Press, 2010) However, it's not all black and white.... Complications different meanings nomenclature pre-exisiting national standards textbooks current variation content performance standards student acheivement (Barton, 2010) (Barton, 2010) (Barton, 2010) (Barton, 2010) (Barton, 2010) (Barton, 2010) (PBS online forum, 1998) (PBS online forum, 1998) scripts one national test voluntary vs. mandatory A Teacher's Perspective Two Main Questions 1.) does national curriculum
de-professionalize teaching? 2.) does national curriculum take the creativity out of teaching? (PBS online forum, 1998) (Shepherd, 2010) "teaching to the test" (Abramson, 2007) An Australian Example Current Debates combined history and social studies (Aly, 2010) "teaching to the test" (abramson, 2007) who decides what is in/out? higher education Remaining Questions if the US were to adopt this,
what form would it take? how would a national curriculum
be different from NCLB? how would it be the same? how would a national
curriculum be implemented? What would be the effects on teachers? on me? would the public get to weigh-in? (Newton, 2009)
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