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Black Cat


Sarah Underwood

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Black Cat

Black Cat Train Heartnet had been part of the Chrono Numbers, or a group of skilled assasins for Chronos, known as the Black Cat. He quit and joined Sven as a sweeper, or bounty hunter. He never seems to have enough food or drink, especially milk. Rinslet Walker is a thief-for-hire with purple hair. She's pretty awesome. Eve has an organ inside her body that generates nanomachines and can transform into anything dependant on her concentration. When she is older and has more concentration, she will be able to transform her entire body, but currently being only 11, she can only transform her arm.
She was created by Torneo to be used as a weapon, but was rescued by Sven and Train and joined their group. Sven is a sweeeper who dresses like Michael Jackson and his right eye was a gift from a seer and can see a few seconds into the future, but using it tires him so he normally wears an eye patch over it. Train Heartnet Sven Vollfied Eve Rinslet Walker The Black Cat:
Chrono Number XIII
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