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O What is that sound analysis

No description

Yafa Adela

on 4 June 2011

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Transcript of O What is that sound analysis

O What Is That Sound By W.H Auden ONE LINE SUMMARY OF EACH STANZA STANZA 1 STANZA 2 STANZA 3 STANZA 4 STANZA 5 STANZA 6 STANZA 7 STANZA 8 STANZA 9 The wife hears a sound and asks what it is, the husband explains that it's the scarlet soldiers The wife sees a distant light and asks what it is, her husband states that it is the sun for their weapons The wife sees the gear and red coats of the scarlet soldiers and asks what are they doing, the husband replies with they are practising formations or maybe it's a warning The wife asks why they've turned off the road, the husband states the orders may have changed and asks his wife why is she kneeling The wife aks why they have NOT stopped at the doctor's, the husband responds with none of them are injured. The wife asks if they want the parson (cleric), the husband says they have already passed his gateway The wife thinks the soldiers want the farmer, the husband says they have passed him already and they are running Techniques The wife asks where he is going and if he is leaving her, the husband responds by confirming he promised to love her, yet he is leaving. The soldiers are in the house, we're not told what happens to either of them...
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