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Can the Spread of Ebola Be Prevented in Less Developed Regio

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Phoebe O

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Can the Spread of Ebola Be Prevented in Less Developed Regio

Can the Spread of Ebola Be Prevented in Less Developed Regions Like Africa?
Ebola could be prevented if high developed countries (like the USA) helped by giving the less developed countries money to open quarantine zones and help decrease the food shortages.
The Help of Countries
Doctors can come together from around the world to create vaccines and new treatments. Researchers can come together too and research about the mutations of Ebola and how it spreads.
Doctors and Researchers
If you live in Africa, you can prevent yourself from getting Ebola if you avoid:
bush meat and contact with infected people. Wash your hand frequently and don't handle the remains of infected people.
Avoiding Ebola in Africa
Teachers can start educating their students about Ebola and how to prevent it. People can also raise awareness of Ebola on social media.To also prevent Ebola you need to avoid infected countries; stop traveling.
What Everyone Can Do?
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